Show your love with an arch of flying hearts.

Step 1: The Basic Concept and Materials Required.

What you are making is a kite arch.

A kite arch is a string of several tens of kites, all side by side. Instead of each flying from a line fixed to the front, they all fly "shoulder to shoulder" along a line fixed across where the horizontal spar usually goes on a lone kite.

You will need:

A heart template: Download the Word document I have attached (it will need to be copied up to A3), or find your own outline that you like.

Kite line: Something around 100lb test line should be fine. It doesn't need to be pre-stretched, and monofilament fishing line would probably work.

Sail material: Paper or mylar wrapping film will be easiest, unless you want to use the arch again next year, in which case use tyvek if you can get it.

Adhesive tape: If you're using paper, mylar or tyvek for the kites ordinary sticky tape is fine. If you're using something exotic, make sure your tape will stick to it.

Bamboo spars: Cheap barbeque skewers are ideal, the kind that you buy in packs of 100 for a pound from the supermarket. Otherwise, I've had great success with the matchstick-thickness bamboo from roller-blinds.

Tails: About 2 feet per kite, light ribbon, strips of plastic, anything that is light, flexible and complements your kites would be ideal.

A stapler.
Hi Kiteman...<br/>Love it.. glad you are adding some kite building instructables. <br/><br/>Here is a shot of a diamond arch I built a couple years back. The album should give an idea of how they fly. (hope the weather clears so we can see yours :) )<br/><br/>Photo...<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.steadywinds.com/gal/harkarch/100_1788">http://www.steadywinds.com/gal/harkarch/100_1788</a><br/><br/>Gallery<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.steadywinds.com/gal/harkarch">http://www.steadywinds.com/gal/harkarch</a><br/>
How does it fly?
Each kite provides a little lift - the larger pointed end of the kite is heavier than the rounded top, so it tilts over at an angle. This angle deflects moving air downwards. Remember your Newtonian mechanics? "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" - pushing the air down pushes the kite up. Turbulance in the air makes each heart flap and lift slightly differently to its neighbour, so the whole thing flutters in the air.
I remember seeing two people at Burning Man who had a kite arch running between them as they rode their bikes through the desert. Twas nice.
A curse on the English weather!<br/><br/>Since I decided to write this up, we've had fog, snow, rain, frost and <em>no wind!</em><br/><br/>The image I nicked off the web gives an idea of what it should look like - imagine each diamond replaced by a heart.<br/><br/>(Sorry, everybody)<br/>
We appreciate it anyway :) It's a great idea.

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