Introduction: A Very Cheesy Prank

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What if you bit into a normal cheese stick and instead of cheese, your mouth is filled with toothpaste. Or Ketchup. What about mustard? For this instructable I will teach you how to make a cheese stick filled with any item to prank your friend with.

Note: The picture above may look very obvious that its filled, I had left it out for about an hour and it began to seep out the sides.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

You will need

  1. Cheese sticks
  2. Stuff to fill cheese stick
  3. Knife

As you can see, you need barely any supplies to pull off this prank. It is very simple.

Step 2: Open Cheese

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Open the cheese stick and pull out the cheese, Save the wrapper for later when you put it back in

Step 3: Cut the Cheese...

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No pun intended. Cut the cheese in half then cut a thick grove into the cheese stick to fill with your supplies. the bigger the grove then more you can fill the cheese stick. Dont cut all the way through, however if you do, it can be fixed

Step 4: Fill

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Fill with anything you want. For the best results use food that really contrasts the flavor of cheese such as toothpaste, mustard or mayonnaise. For this instructable i used Hot Sauce

Step 5: Close the Cheese

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There is three ways to do this.

1) Microwave another cheese stick for about thirty seconds. Take your cheese stick and roll it around in the melted cheese to close the cut.

2) Wrap the cheese stick in a napkin and microwave for about 5-8 seconds. This method is sort of risky as the whole cheese starts to melt

3) Using a lighter go over the cut to melt the cheese together. Dont hover too long as the cheese will start to brown if you move to slow

Step 6: Wrap the Cheese

Put the cheese back in the wrapper and glue it back together. Leave the Cheese somewhere where your victim will eat it. Glue the wrapper lightly because if the wrapper is hard to open they might become suspicious.

Step 7: Wait

Picture of Wait

Simply wait till your victim eats one of the cheese sticks. Laugh as they get a mouthful of Toothpaste.

Step 8: Run.

This is of course optional.

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very funny

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very funny

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a perfect prank... n very funny

Ew, this is gross and perfect for April Fool's day! I like that you included a variety of cheese-welding methods :)

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This is gross and funny!

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