What could be simpler than making a toy for your dog with three boards 3 bottles , a steel rod , some screws and some treats for your dog.

It's really no need to do a tutorial given the simplicity of construction of this game.

He loves to play and then go and often more than an hour.

It was a very good alternative for our four-legged friends bored a little

<p>haha like this and you just got my vote.</p>
<p>Thank you it is very nice</p>
<p>I love this - put the dog's entire kibble meal in, and you have got his brain and muscles working off excess energy for a nice while.</p>
<p>yes you can do that too. the goal is to not let them idle, and they do not get bored. thank you. :)</p>
You haven't entered the dog challenge? I'd vote for this. :)
<p>So of course I 'm just waiting confirmation of my trick to this contest.</p><p>Thank you for your support it's nice</p>

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