Step 129:

Begin decorating in a classy way.
This is adorable! As a mother with a daughter in college (LSU-Geaux Tigers!), I can appreciate that your mom must miss having her 'baby girl' home at holiday time! She obviously loves you very much to send such a THOROUGH Thanksgiving care package! What a wonderful tribute to her for you to have taken the time to share it with everyone here! I rarely post my thoughts on the web, but your 'Instructable' truly touched my heart! Good luck in grad school; you are obviously a remarkable and <strong>very</strong> creative young lady! (Good job! Mom) Thanks for making me smile and happy holidays! &nbsp; Jeanette J.
Your mother is wonderful.<br><br>That is all.
Someone should sell this as a kit :) Maybe it's your next dorm room business!
My college actually did sell a 'student care' kit. There were three, for different times of the year, as I recall. All I remember is the first one included toiletries and chocolate, because seriously, who remembers basic move-in needs when moving in to res?
Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving with me. I'm the Mommy these days, and it was wonderful to see how you used the incredible care package that your Mommy sent you. (your Mommy just gave me a few ideas for the next package that I send, so please thank her for me) Your photoessay helped me remember that Thanksgiving isn't about who is around the table, but who is in your heart that counts. I do have one question, though: did you really eat both pies yourself?
Best. Thanksgiving. Instructable. EVER. I laughed, I cried, but mostly because I was laughing so hard. What a great care package! And a great way to convey just how much it meant to you with this photo journal! Thanks for that!
c-c-c-combo breaker
(It's like catching up on six month's worth of a web-comic!)
Good, though.
It's a new world record!
And people criticized me for a 28-step I'ble! I must say, however, that this project rather contradicts your assertion in Step 171 :-)
Awesome. Just. Plain. Awesome. or maybe these 3 famous words: Fab. Yoo. Lus. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Thanksgiving!
STICKERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!very long...but in a good way.....pretty cool
I'm confused by Step 89.
One of the most impressively lengthy (and emotion-invoking) instructables I've read in a long, long time. I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, and wish you and your parents a nice "holiday season". By the way, what are you getting your degree in?
Awesome instructable, if not a bit long winded ;-) That's awesome that (it seems) you were sent everything to make a mini meal for yourself! It looks like it turned out decent.

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