A Virginia Scroll Saw Project





Introduction: A Virginia Scroll Saw Project

Here is how I made a Virginia state outline to be added to our other states. Quick and easy, but take your time and use all safety gear.

Step 1: Print Out Your State Outline

If its large, just tape the pieces together with clear tape.

Step 2: Lay Blue Tape on Your Wood

This will protect the wood from the glue. Makes clean up easier.

Step 3: Use Spray Adhesive and Slowly Lay the Paper in Place

Its easier to start at on end and work your way down to avoid bubbles/wrinkles.

Step 4: Get to Scrolling!

Take your time and go slow, especially in the tight turns. Don't forget safety gear.

Step 5: Remove Paper/tape

Reveal your project!

Step 6: Finish and Hang

Apply your favorite finish and put on the wall! I've used hangars and nails in the past but really like 3M stickies these days. No holes and easy removal.



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What blade did you use?

This looks really cool. You should enter this into one of the contest that are currently running.