Picture of A Waterproof Fairy for an Outdoor Christmas Tree
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Living in a small cottage, three years ago I decided to do away with the idea of having a Christmas Tree in the house, and since then, the little fir tree Picea Pungens 'Lucky Strike' gets moved, in its large tub, onto a garden table and looks in at us through the living room window for the twelve days of Christmas.  With some LED lights, it looks great, and we're no longer falling over it.  Only the fairy was unhappy.  I'd made her a few years before, and there was just no way she was going to stand up to rain and frost.  So it's finally time to give her a make-over.  Nobody reading this will be in the exact same situation, but I hope it inspires you to create.

I used:  All Weather Sealant (clear mastic that you'd usually use for greenhouse repairs etc.);  Yellow PVC electrical insulating tape; masking tape; acrylic varnish

Step 1:

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Here's the fairy.  I made her about 6 years ago I think.  She's a bit mad looking, looks like the Crazed version of Maria in the film Metropolis... but that's why we love her.  And she's rather battered after all that time.  Let's bite the bullet and see how I made her...
workislove2 years ago
Haha, I like it, very cute idea and good explanation.
ChrysN2 years ago
Cute raincoat!
Moem2 years ago
Bravo! Fun little project, well explained in a great I'ble. What a promising debut!