A Windows XP Start Menu on Windows 7.


Introduction: A Windows XP Start Menu on Windows 7.

About: I have got several laptops all Netbooks. 2 of my Netbooks are Windows 7 Starter. The other 2 are Windows 7 Professional. I also have got 2 Netbooks with Windows XP Home Edition. I am always interested in new...

You can get back both the Classic Windows 2000 and Windows XP start menu in Windows 7,by installing a free software called Classic Shell. Windows Vista already has the Classic start menu option included, but it is not very customizable. But Classic Shells one is. And Windows Vista users who are looking for a more customizable version of the classic start menu will benefit from installing Classic Shell. Which also works on windows Vista, and will put the Windows XP start menu back into Windows Vista,as well as on Windows 7. Classic Shell also comes with Classic Explorer,which puts the classic toolbar buttons back into Windows Explorer.



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