Step 2: Make the Stencil

Picture of Make the Stencil
In this version of the clock, I made the stencil using another fiberglass PCB.

Just etch the board using the same method you used for the controller and display PCB, and lacquer it to protect the front of the display.

In order to reduce light breakthrough to adjacent words, I used 30mm baffels made from spare PCB stock. These were held in place using hot melt glue.
rvigil4 years ago
thinking of an acryllic face and vinyl print... just think it's easier, i'll let you know how it goes :)
drj113 (author)  rvigil4 years ago
it is much simpler :-)

Have a look at my latest clock http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Wordclock-Grew-Up/ or www.dougswordclock.com
Like the 'Hidden' words in there Doug. ;-)
deolmstead5 years ago
Thank you for posting all this, Doug - it's an extremely cool project, and you're open-source attitude towards it is really great. I'm considering trying one of these on my own, but while I have some carpentry skills, I am a completely newbie at electronics. I looked around for an answer to this in your instructions and comments, but couldn't find it: What do you use to cut the PCB word template? Do you do it by hand with a dremel or something? or is it a chemical process, like etching glass?
zenarts5 years ago
it sounds great BUT I live in Belgium and we have of course other words. For instance "quarter" will be "kwartier".
I wonder if the above mentioned method can be adapted to another language?

kind regards,
drj113 (author)  zenarts5 years ago

This method most certainly can be used.  I have helped a person in France with a french version.  The words are just words that light up.  We need to make a new matrix.

email me a set of words from one to twelve, o'clock, quarter, half, past, to and some examples of how they are used, and I will have a look at extending it for you.  My email is doug@doughq.com


clogwog5 years ago
 great clock doug !
i'm going to make a copy if you don't mind.

do the baffles still have the copper layer on them ? because i can see a bit of light-bleeding through. have you thought of using a double sided pcb for the face, that way you could solder the baffles to the back of the face and probabbly reduce all light-bleeding.

i could only find a jpg version for the face-mask. do you have a photoshop or illustrator or any other editable format of this mask that you could supply ? great idea !! and i love the copper face-plate. very steampunk

cheers, tom
SameGuy5 years ago
Are the extra "words" there for a further extension of this project? ;) How would I go about changing them to something more, uh, personal to me?
drj113 (author)  SameGuy5 years ago
There are many words that appear unintentionally due to the random nature of the extra letters I added. You can create your own stencil in a PCB package of your choice.
The random nature? You mean your name isn't Doug and your wife isn't Megan?