Step 4: Make a case for your clock - and enjoy!

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Finally, construct a case for your clock. in my case, I will be creating a case from acrylic, that will allow people to see inside the clock . it will also allow light spill from the case to create cool effects on the desk.
 im doing this project too. Until now i go the Display and theController Board ready. All the components are mounted, only the LEDsare in progress (bought at ebay and wait for deliver....). I startedwith this 1 week ago, so when you have the right stuff in work or homethen this project will not take too much time. And the price for thecomponents is very small.

If someone have questions or want to see some pictures, send me an e-mail:




sorry for the bad english, i am german....
drj113 (author)  Patrick.Firganek5 years ago
That is awesome news .....  Well done, and thanks for the feedback!
dresch5 years ago
Extremely cool! And wonderful. Can you chop the current to the LEDs to add a dimmer or save energy? Using copper clad PCB as an art material is genius. One other thought, a single board version using surface mount LEDs might feasible... but you would still need a letters bezel to make it look good. That is for when you go into commercial production! THANKS, great instructable.
drj113 (author)  dresch5 years ago
I originally had a 1:15 duty cycle component in the code, that reduced the brightness when I was working on it in the study. I found that when I took it into work to show it off, it was way too dim... the fluro lights in the workplace are much brighter than the lighting in my home, so I removed the duty cycle code. You are welcome to re-enable the code yourself - it is located at the end of the main routine: // 1/15 duty cycle - not used because it makes the clock too dim for an office displaytime(); DelayMs(1); ledsoff(); DelayMs(15); As you can see - the time is shown, then I wait for 1ms, then I turn off the lights for 15ms. this reduced the rightness very effectively, and didn't flicker at all.
skrubol5 years ago
Did you try using the stencilled PCB front panel backwards? With the copper on the light side and the unclad on the outside? Was it too blurry or unreadable?
drj113 (author)  skrubol5 years ago
I have never thought of using the PCB backwards - that may work well - I'll have to try it when I make one for my mum! (She asked for one)
This is amazing. I love it!
amotoalain5 years ago
I like it a lot
wozlaser5 years ago
Did you intend to include the names "woz" "megan" and "doug?" because i was quite startled to see mine and my ex girlfriend's name on your clock.