A Working Semi-auto Mechanism, and Round Magazine





Introduction: A Working Semi-auto Mechanism, and Round Magazine

The K'nex community seems to have lost steam of late, and it's rather sad, so here's two little inventions of mine to hopefully help you all get the ball rolling again :) No need to give credit if you use my ideas, just want to see what you can all do.



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    OK concept, has been done before, not much potential in the power department... but the drum mag is really cool. more pics and internals?

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    The internals are really simple, it's just two gears on a yellow rod in the center with a blue rod held in place by a one slot connector, goes a little like this=

    Blue rod > ===o===
    Yellow rod ====IoI=====
    the ls represent gears. If I have some free time I'll post pictures.
    You're right about the semi auto though, it has little power potential save with round separation mechs. Never have seen it done before though link?

    i made something from the vid and i think it is almost exactly what you have, but i have a few problems with it. once you upload the pics of the internals, i'll check if i did everything correctly, and fix it/ tell you if i still have a problem. and once again, the magazine is a genius design. first one of it's kind EVER to be made and it is looking awesome for the time being. it might just be the next type of magazine.

    I'll be putting up pictures of the internals later, they'll be added on to this instructable.

    thanks but i actually figured it out earlier. my above comment was written about2 hours before i posted it, i guess i just forgot to press the button. anyway, reda it and tell me what you think.

    The semi-auto has been done at least 3 or 4 times now. Love the round mag by the way.

    The guy above said t had been done before, but I haven't seen it, could you provide a link?

    i don't really get the diagram or your explanation, sorry. could you take it apart and post pics of internals? it would be of great help ! thanks anyway.

    Move the lols over in my diagram until their os are in line with the others and it'll make more sense, instructables deleted the extra spaces

    ok now i get it. i just didn't get where the blue rod goes in all this. now i tried and found out. nice touch to the mechanism. that's what kept mine from working.

    and btw, i've made a bigger version with red gears. i've also started making a gun for it. here are some pics of both. it's gonna be bolt action for better power.


    some great ideas. I've never made my own k'nex gun but I want to soon. maybe I can implement one of these ideas. anyway I put this on my favourites :)

    I'm might use the drum mag idea for my working mg36, but I'll give u credit. I have to admit, the semi auto performs a bit better than mine, but not much of a difference.

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    Feel free to use it, I would enjoy to see it put to use other than in my creations. You'd be the first to post it in use if you did.
    Try using a hammer action, I've gotten around 30ft with most compact hammer actions I've made.

    i don't know why i can't answer directly on your comment, but as for providing a link :
    people such as myself, oblivitus and many many others that go around 'ibles criticizing other people's projects usually remember the concepts we see, but if the gun isn't promising, we don't bother to memorize the name as we see many projects and it's impossible to memorize them all. therefore, i am unable to provide you with a link. you'll just have to take a look around the site and see the different types of guns for yourself.

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    nah took it down. the bigger drum mag wasn't working perfectly, it would jam once in like, 200 rounds, which is unacceptable (for me) and i couldn't figure out a way to prevent it. i haven't made much more than the above pictures. the mag stayed the same, and i just started building something very ZKAR-like on it. anyway, i will be posting a failed projects 'ible soon with a few things, including this.

    i exaggerated a little. the jam rate is like once very 50 shots, and that's only like 2 mags. besides, if you want, you can build it from a video i'm about to post in a failed concepts 'ible. also, it doesn't load the last 2 rounds. now, about most non-concept guns having any jam at all... i am seriously gonna have to disagree. any standard pin or slingshot gun, if built correctly, which is VERY simple, will never jam.