Hello Instructables!  This is my entry for the Lion Brand Yarn Architecture Contest.  It is a Volkswaegen Cabriolet made from a cardboard base and covered in yarn.  If you are doing this craft with children you should either do the glueing for them, or you should skip that step and just paint the cardboard or colour it in markers.  Hot Glue is used in this craft, so please! avoid burning yourself during this instructable.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

To create your very own miniature, soft, yarn covered replica of a volkswagon cabriolet, you will need:

-Yarn (Approximately 3 colours)
-A Hot Glue Gun (AND GLUE, silly goose...)
-A Cereal Box or a tree, whichever method of attaining cardboard is easier for you
-A Corker ( is sort of like a miniature circular loom, it weaves the thread to make a larger rope, I will not go over how to use one of these, you can find instructions somewhere else)
-Something with a straight edge, a ruler preferably
-A Pen or Pencil
-If you wish, you may also use markers or paint

Step 2: Make the Net of the Car

Picture of Make the Net of the Car
Part of the reason I chose to make a Cabriolet is because they have a simple, geometric shaped bady.  This way I dont have to make any curves and the car can still look like the real thing!  If you think you have more skill at creating cardboard nets be my guest, create a buggati or something real curvey, but for this instructable, I will be creating something simple.  I didn't have a ruler on hand, so I dont have the exact measurments.  I just eyeballed everything and used some math knowledge, and trimmed everything when I was fitting it together.  Just think of the car that you are creating taken apart and layed on the ground, and draw all of those parts attached in the right places.  Then cut it out and score along the lines where you will fold with the blade of the scissors.