A Year in M&M'S




Introduction: A Year in M&M'S

Last year, I began tracking the M&M'S I consumed. I would divide them by colour, count them, then record the data in a spreadsheet file prior to consuming them. For some reason, people found this very peculiar and I was consequently labeled a nerd. I took that as a compliment.

I've only heard of plotly a couple of days ago and thought I'd give it a try. So I created an account, imported the data from the spreadsheet, and created a plot. The results were colourful.

I have learned a few things from the data and the plot:

1. I consumed a total number of 1,588 M&M'S in 2013.
2. Most of the M&M'S were green; 319 in total (20.09%).
3. Brown M&M'S are an endangered species.

And there you have it. A year visualised in M&M'S.

Thanks for viewing. :)



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    You seem to be the only one to do what the test actually asks. And it's awesome! Voted for sure!