A Yoda Pumpkin This Is



Introduction: A Yoda Pumpkin This Is

There's not a whole lot to say about carving a pumpkin. It's kind of like scroll sawing projects, you get your image onto your work piece and then stay on the lines. Pretty simple. But the real problem is getting your image onto the round, odd-shaped pumpkin, which is where my method is a bit different. So I thought I'd share it with anyone who is interested.

If you have access to a projector, either at home, work or at school or church, this is a great way to trace your image onto the pumpkin.

Just find the image you want to carve out, project it onto the pumpkin and trace it out with a sharpie.

Step 1: Carve It Out!

Next you just need to carve out the parts where you want light to shine through, in this case, Yoda's face. I picked up this little pumpkin carving kit, which was excellent by the way. It worked very well and I highly recommend it.

Step 2: Lightly Carve Body and Add Light!

I used a small wood carving chisel to lightly carve out the body of yoda and tried to show the texture of his robe.

Then I simply added a green light bulb to an old lamp I had sitting around collecting dust. It didn't shine as green as I had hoped, but oh well, you can't win 'em all.

Hope you enjoyed it, Happy Halloween!



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