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Introduction: A YouTube Intro

I shall be showing you how to make a YouTube intro with moving backgrounds and music! You will need: Internet, Windows Movie Maker and a computer (of course)

go to http://www.movietools.info/ and click video background loop. Choose your fav loop and go to this website: http://teknoaxe.com/Home.php and download some royalty free music! (means you wont have to worry about copy right).

Go to add vidoe/pic and choose your downloaded background! (like in the pic above and ignore all the other stuff)

Step 1: Music Adding

Go to add music add select your 'royalty free' music and it then play the video on your left.

There are many different animations and things to put on but i shall leave that to you but if you see on the top bar next to the pictures there is a thing called Caption. Click on it and add a caption for explanation!

Step 2: THE END!

Hope you have enjoyed this guide and will be making a intro soon!

comment if you need help!



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