Introduction: A-Z Guide on Cleaning Car Interior Safely

Are you about to clean up your car interior and don’t know where to start from? Well, it’s quite an elaborate task and it’s natural to get confused when it’s a first timer. But don’t worry here is a step-by-step guide on cleaning the car interior safely.

Brush off the dirt and dust

Take a good soft bristled brush meant for car interior and start brushing out all the fabric surfaces inside. The brushing would shed all loose dirt on car floor & helps to restore the desired plush look. Then, take a microfibre towel (dry) to brush down the hard surfaces like dashboard, door cards, centre console and instrument panel.

Next, you would remove your mats and start vacuuming the carpets, seat fabrics and dashboard vents. Your cleaner should have a soft-brush attachment; otherwise you can use a little detailing brush. Use rubber hair-extractor to clean out pet hair from the car. To protect your car from dust, buy rvcovers.

Damp cleaning

Now, take your microfibre pad, apply some suitable cleaner on it & start wiping over the hard surfaces. If the hard surfaces look dirtier, you must clean them up first with dampened microfibre towel- it should be dampened with all-purpose cleaning solution diluted as per the set level meant for an interior use. Use the damp towel for cleaning your steering wheel as well.

Clean your windows

Damp your microfiber towel once again with liquid glass-cleaner and start wiping down the windows inside out. If there are sticky residues from stickers or tobacco films, clean it up with methylated spirits dabbed on your microfibre towel.

Seat fabrics

Damp your microfiber towel with all-purpose cleaner and start wiping the seat fabrics. However, don’t saturate the seat surface. If you have got leather seats, use leather protectant with microfibre pad, after the wiping.

Door shuts

If the door shuts aren’t looking grubby, use your all-purpose cleaner to clean them with microfiber towel- wipe the pedals as well. If the door shuts are really grubby, wash them with suds and microfiber wash-mitt. Dry them with microfiber dry towel. As they get dried & clean, apply surface dressing on plastic surfaces & wax protection or sealant on painted surfaces.

Carpets and mats

If carpets are giving out odor, sprinkle soda bicarbonate on them & leave as it is for 2 hours. After that, vacuum them well. Then, brush & vacuum your mats & hang them in an airy space for a good dry- before you re-install them in your car.


Budweiser143 (author)2015-07-04

If you've got cloth seats and a wet/dry vacuum, once in a while make a solution of fabric softener and water. I put about a cap full of fabric softener inside a spray bottle, and fill the rest of the bottle with hot water. Spray down the seats, carpet, headliner, and anything else that's fabric. After soaking in for a few minutes, vacuum out. This helps to remove a lot more than surface dirt, and leaves everything with a nice smell! You can also apply the same theory to furniture.

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