To build a artwork of for example a geese, a swan, a fish that looks to float above the surface, that may even look to swim in water, that would be made using eletronics, airship technology, painting skills, and others, to create something that is ancient, recognisable, and novel at the same time.

Sketches and drawings will be added, per step in a later phase.
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Step 1: The origin of the idea

(Step 1)

While looking at the Weekend Knack (belgian magazine), this morning, at breakfast, I saw this picture, an advertisement for a company, and its rather beautiful. A geese flying above what looks like a wooden floor. And the picture remembered me of somethimg I had seen before, that bore little or no resemblance to this picture, except in one area. The picture on a Revell model kit, of a model plane floating above the surface. In both pictures an object was floating above a surface.

Step 2: From an Image to a statue

(Step 2)
And I thought, why not do the same to a statue of a geese. Put magnets in it, so that it floats above the surface. This is nothing new, this behaviour of magnets has been described before, and there are several apliances in existence that use this behaviour.
Scurl!8 years ago
it would be called, likely, an "electromagnetically driven automaton" once the motion was introduced.
Floris Vermeir (author)  Scurl!7 years ago
sorry for the way to late replay, and the missing images, from what i've read about it, part of the matematics of it have already being worked out, but it was for plates. Like the other oen it comes from a blog I still have but most isn't visbel with all expermential art ideas, like a working working of art, the idea to built minaiture spacehips that would be as functional as possible. But I'll try to add more drawings to this one, and the other one.
Scurl! Scurl!8 years ago
i'm envisioning a sort of moving diorama, electromagnets above (hidden in clouds) and below (under the ground) and also possibly behind the backdrop so as to give a full range of motion across the scene. try pond with dragonfly.