I made a bear using paper clay. And I made up some small stories for him. Only the bear is made by hand. Others are all made by machine. 
Nice... Are you going to post an instruct able on how to make it by machine.. What u mean when you say machine made?<br><br>Or u mean it was store bought
No, no. ...I made the bear by my hand. Other charactors such as the bunny is plastic. But of course, the turtle is real.
<br> OK I'm curious enough, why &quot;bad luck&quot; and the melancholic-gaze? What function does the character serve?<br> <br> L<br>
Haha..... this a very funny Korean Cartoon charactor. Very funny! Take time to see the movie &quot;BackKom&quot;. I am sure you can find it in Youtube. Chinese named it bad luck bear., because he is very unlucky in the movie. :)
<br> OK thanks for the details.<br> <br> L<br>
no one see it. no followers.
Thanks :)

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