A Better "Rat Pinata"





Introduction: A Better "Rat Pinata"

O.k., so I've been surfing the internet and I have been looking for some rat toys that I could "DIM" (Do it myself) to make for my new and friendly rat Crackers. As I was looking through all the pages, i found that people like to make "Pinatas" with absolutely no nutritional values to them. So I'm here to give the public my first "step-by-step" instructional on how to do it the right way.

Step 1: Materials

The materials used within this instructional are vital in order to get the full benefit and pleasure your lovely rat deserves!

Here are the things you will need to make a fun and crazy Pinata-
~4 TBs. of all natural fresh nuts with no preservatives
~4 TBs. of natural and fresh fruits that your rat finds most favorable (cut them into small bits to bring out and enrich the flavors)
~4 TBs. of natural and fresh vegetables that your rat finds most favorable (cut these into small pieces as well)
~2 TBs. of regular store bought gerbil and/or rat food
~1 TBs. of shredded cheese and/or peanut butter (read the labels and nutrition facts to interpret is these ingredients do not poses any MSG's within them)
~Paper towels (and/or tissues/kleanex, quantities may vary if you want to make it more difficult for your rat to obtain the treats and bits of food within the pinata)
~Cage (this is something your rat resides and seeks shelter in)

Note: You can change the arrangements of food by taking certain ingredients out of the pinata mix, though i would advise keeping all of the measurements as is just to make sure your rat stays in a healthier state of being.

Step 2: Pinata Assembly

1) Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl to give a small twist on what your rat may find within the pinata.
2)Place 3 to 4 paper towels in another bowl and pour your values in the paper towels. (this makes it easier to assemble your finished product)
3)Take your string and tie all corners of the paper towels. (be sure to make it a tight snug so your rat can have full potential at mutalising it without it falling apart)
4)Take some more string and make a hang line for it to dangle from the roof of your rats manor. (I advise the bottom of the pinata be at LEAST 3' in. above the base of the cage bedding so when its torn it can fall and your rat can run to all of the suprises like a hyper child in a room full of balloons)\
5)Tie it to the roof and vualah! watch your rat pal it around and incise it, this will provide about 2 minutes worth of fun for both of you!

Step 3: Hanging Alternative

1)Take your toothpick and tie the string on it through the roof of your rats cage. (this is for those curagated wire roof like mine is and creates less of a hassle of trying to get the string off when the pinata is mutalated)

Step 4: Observe and Be Entertained!

Well here are some photos i had to quickly capture in order to get all of the action. I hope you all have enjoyed my first instructable, i know i sure have!



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    I made a gerbil pinata for my Maui! She loves it!


    great eating toy! But rats are very social and you need at least two so it wont get bored to death and die from lonliness.

    Awesome, but I should tell you that you should never have only one rat. No rat should ever have to be alone.

    I usually use binder clips, and clip it to the top of the cage...but the best toy for a rat, is another rat :D they are really socialanimals, and need attention of another rat..., also, if you want to makethem work for their food a little bit, and have fun... I found athing, that you can hang wooden blocks off from... and skewered andapple on it... drove my rats nuts, trying to get it, and they had ablast eating it... I also found dried corn on the cob, as well asfresh cooked corn on the cob makes them chatter :D

    String is something that can caught in Rat's throats, so something thicker than thread or string is better.

    In step one I thought the rat was crawling on a knife and he had red eyes. I was a little scared. Then I realized he was on a spoon with stupid camera glare. He is actually very cute.

    wow i have the exact same measuring spoon i have never seen one like mine b4..... :)

    your able to make these for gerbils