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Check out the story in Wired about Kickstarter and it's C-loop:



Great product indeed, but 40 bucks?

I went to a local hardware shop in my hometown in The Netherlands and bought a screw wich fits a standard camera mount.

Bored a 3mm hole in the screw with the column drill, and completed my solution with a keyring and the little wheel from and old tripod.

Total price was 25 euro cents.



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    all tripod mounts are 1/4-20 threads


    Why didn't I think of this...

    This is great, what are the dimensions of the screw you used?

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    I haven't seen your comment until now Hobbs, but I took the camera to a hardware shop en found a screw that fitted the thread. Length was just right, and inch or so longer than the hole in the camara was deep, enought left to drill the hole.

    I'm not sure, I took the camera to the hardware store and the guy over there found one that fits. Actually there were more than the one I used, different heads and lenghts.