Step 6: Celebrate

Your stand is ready to use. You'll have the tighten the knobs quite a bit, takes some force or a neat trick. Balance the stand on it's side, move the leg and knob together. Then hold the knob still and move the leg back. In this manor you can tighten the knob much harder than if you were to move the knob by itself. Careful not to overdo it; the soft pine (in this case) legs are prone to crack, as seen in my previous stand.

You should be good to go. Tighten to where the legs wont move under the weight of the laptop (plus your hands as you type). Put the laptop stand over body, and put laptop on stand resting on the lip. Use laptop freely and abundantly, full of newfound semi-ergnomic convenience. Great for surfing, watching movies, etc. You may notice your arms get tired with long typing; make sure the laptop is as close to you as possible, that you don't have to raise your elbows off the bed to type.
rosewood5136 years ago
Hey I like the original, though the others are great. I need mine for the couch, I have a battery pack sticking out the back of my lap top so I have to cut a "well" along the top part, so it will sit in it and won't move, that's good. Thanks this is my next project.
itsfash6 years ago
awesome...............................................! I have found it today, will make one for me soon........! hats down to you..@ jumpfroggy
discovering6 years ago
Kool, welldone
Ahnold7 years ago
Do you really have a license plate number '3' ? Just '3' ?
jumpfroggy (author)  Ahnold7 years ago
Nope! :)