A Better Little Scrubber





Introduction: A Better Little Scrubber

A retired toothbrush makes a great little cleaning tool for tight spaces, but only if you are able to approach the area from a parallel vantage point.

This simple modification lets you clean from a perpendicular approach as well.

Step 1: Supplies

an old toothbrush dedicated to scrubbing

a pot of boiling water

some needle nose pliers

Step 2: Submerge

Once the water gets boiling, submerge the old toothbrush in the boiling water for a few moments

Step 3: Modify

remove the brush from the hot water and tweak a curve into it with the pliers

Step 4: Is Good

Now you can clean things a little easier



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    5 Discussions

    You are a Genius!!!! Thank you so very much, you just saved my life.

    Brilliant idea - love it - re using a spent item to.

    Great job.

    Oho, that's really clever. This look like it would work great to scrub the brake discs on my motorcycle...