A Better Way to Peel Ginger




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Introduction: A Better Way to Peel Ginger

The outside of ginger is paper thin and using a vegetable peeler or a knife removes more precious ginger meat than is necessary.  An ordinary kitchen teaspoon will work remarkably well.

Step 1:

Take a metal teaspoon and with a small amount of pressure, scrape the skin from one end to the other.  Continue all the way around the piece of ginger until all of the skin is removed.

Step 2:

You now have a clean piece of ginger, ready to slice, dice or grate.



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    WOW!is a really good trick

    Thanks!!! i always hated using a knife or potato peeler on ginger.

    I find that when I use ginger for an upset stomach, the skin has more potency then the inside "meat." Otherwise, I'm a lazy cook too (looking sheepish) and keep the skin on. This is great to know when I'm making a recipe for guests however.


    Although I don't peel my ginger anymore. I just keep it in the freezer and just grate it with skin and all. The skin is so thin you won't notice it at all (besides... extra fibers :)) Also, you can keep it in the freezer "for ages" without it going bad. Main advantage of freezing is though that I have some at hand whenever I decide on the spur I need some.

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    +1 on the freezing. Makes grating ginger so much easier and the ginger keeps longer.

    LOVE THIS!!! I always use a veggie peeler and scrape extra ginger meat. I can't wait to try this!!!