A Bike Trailer? That's Unheard Of!





Introduction: A Bike Trailer? That's Unheard Of!

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Here's another bike trailer, yep, another one. I did one thing that I haven't seen anyone else do so I thought I might as well post.

Step 1: Find Your Frame

I built my last bike trailer from scratch, but I had a full metal shop at my disposal, I was stressed out that I didn't have a bike trailer until I saw this baby stroller one Sunday afternoon in Notre Dame de Grace. when I was out looking at all the beautiful garbage that my upwardly mobile neighbors throw out.

Step 2: Strip

So I tore of everything I didn't need, which in this case means the front wheel and all the fabric.

Step 3: Et En Plus

It pretty much looked like a trailer at this point, but I thought a bed would be useful, so I found some boards and screwed them onto the frame. Man, whenever I upload photos to Instructables they show up overexposed, do you get that too?

Step 4: Rear Front Fork

So, as promised, here's the only interesting part of my Instructable. I never really liked the long curvy bar or straight bar to the seat post methods of attaching the trailer, for my first trailer I built something that was a lot like a bike fork, tied and bolted to the frame around the back wheel, this time, forced to think due to a lack of resources, I just grabbed an extra front fork and bolted it to the back.

Step 5: Fin

So now you're ready to carry around all that heavy shit you've been finding. Like home made furniture made from doors and windows, and scrap metal. One thing that would help is a kickstand for the front of the trailer, as it tends to tip the bike over with its weight. I'll get around to that eventually. Bonne Chance!



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     Wow! i finally found someone else using strollers as a trailer. The front fork hitch is brilliant, btw. much better than the bent piece of metal chair frame i came up with.

    I have to agree with both points here. Stroller (push chair) is a great idea for a trailer. Really do like your hitch as I've be looking on here for strong looking ones and this seems the best seen so far. Great work.

    the fork is strong but where it is attached to frame unless you drill out the holes in the frame for bigger screws it seems like the weak point as I am trying it out on my bike now. There are different movements required in a hitch -pitch roll etc. I can see the weight of the trailer twisting these bolts right off and the forks going right into the back wheel. thats worst case scenario maybe downhill uneven terrain hit a pot hole or something.

    One thing though. It is better for stability/turning etc with the hitch farther forward. That is why people do the ugly seat post thing. If you could do it on a car it would be better as well.

    how are all the different directions of movement accomplished? pitch roll etc? I have been toying with the fork idea combined with the neck from the bike but havent figured it out yet.

    Thanks for the idea.

    Is the fork strong enough to hold all the trailer's weight?

    Should I get a steel or aluminum fork?

    i got a question , Hi is it possible to use the stroller to make a tricycle rear attachemt to i can modify my bicycle oh just a cool trailer like yours :)

    That idea of the fork is very good. I was thinking to do the same but using plain steel rod.

    I like it and like the other comments the hitch is great. I thought of using a baby thing, but the thrift stores want too much, so I bought a golf bag cart for $6 and made one. I published the project, but don't see it here yet. I guess it takes a while to show?

    cool, thanks.

    I'm gonna have a trip to the hardware store, and see if maybe I can use clamps + bolts instead of drilling through the frame...will keep you posted