Step 4: Rear front fork

Picture of Rear front fork
So, as promised, here's the only interesting part of my Instructable. I never really liked the long curvy bar or straight bar to the seat post methods of attaching the trailer, for my first trailer I built something that was a lot like a bike fork, tied and bolted to the frame around the back wheel, this time, forced to think due to a lack of resources, I just grabbed an extra front fork and bolted it to the back.
onemoroni14 years ago
I like it and like the other comments the hitch is great. I thought of using a baby thing, but the thrift stores want too much, so I bought a golf bag cart for $6 and made one. I published the project, but don't see it here yet. I guess it takes a while to show?
Pedalit5 years ago
You likely have to pry the fork open to do this. It's probably not a big deal because you won't be putting your weight on it anymore.
BadgerDervy5 years ago
What a great idea!! I was going to try this but the only front fork i had was two narrow between the two dropouts for fitting to a rear wheel.