Introduction: A Bottle Custom USB Flash Drive

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What can one do with a bottle and USB Drive and some spare time :) Let's see.

Step 1: Let's Break This Down.

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I like the shape of this Bulk USB Flash Drive, but I thought it is way too boring and a little small for me, i thought I would make something more sizable to show my status in the society. =)

Step 2: Here We Go

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Here we go, flash drive disassembled

Step 3: A Bottle

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Well, make sure your bottle is dry (Finish up your kefir drink). Now let's make a hole (love making holes).

Step 4: Here Is Is!

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Okay, here it is a custom usb flash drive. A kefir bottle USB :) Isn't it awesome!

Step 5: And Here How the End Product Looks Like.

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I think it is awesome, I should apply for a patent now. Looks very good in my pocket too. And it is very hard to lose, considering it is a large bottle :D AND if you put some "latex protection" inside, you can even keep it full with Kefir. How awesome?! :))) Looks very hot connected to my PC too!


pucksurfer (author)2015-08-13

Very... Ummmm... BOLD

seamster (author)2015-08-13

Great USB mod!

It's both stylish and functional . . . perfect for computerists on the go! :)

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