Step 9: Install hut

Picture of Install hut
This design incorporates a "sod" roof of locally harvested mosses as well as integrated benches. The entire structure except the plywood on the roof is constructed of red cedar. Most of the pieces were fabricated in a wood shop and then carried out and installed.

A waterproof membrane was attached to plywood and then old fishing net was draped over the roof to provide the moss with a stable foundation.

The bridge has considerable spring to it - it has a few inches of travel just walking on it normally. Bouncing on it will flex it (the section that isn't supported in the center) about 8 or 9 inches.

Total project cost: just over $10,000 not including donations and a few hundred hours of volunteer labor.


Wow, that is really amazing!

Congratulations on your success and many to come!

vincent75204 years ago
the hut on the bridge in simply exquisite : great place for meditation I would say
T3ch0b0y5 years ago
Really, really nice job.  I just took a virtual tour of Petersburg and It, and your bridge, are on my bucket list.  Suggestion....Could you place a photo or two of your bridge on Google Earth to show it's location.
Congratulations on such a great project.  I'm jealous.
sliver825 years ago
This is fantastic & a credit to yourself & all involved. Very, very well done.
destelle5 years ago
hey I was just looking around on instructables and came across what looks a lot like Sandy Beach in Petersburg, (were I grew up) really cool
zieak (author)  destelle5 years ago
That's the place!
When was the project completed? I spent a summer in Petersburg a few years ago. Would love to see the bridge, so maybe this gives me an excuse to get back there at some point. Great job!
johnsterlin5 years ago
 This is beautiful for several reasons;

1. It get's you across the creek.
2. It provides a place to stop, listen, reflect, and enjoy nature.
3. It's made mostly from nature and would eventually return to nature.
4. It's whimsical in it's design and construction.
5. It's made by people who care and want to spread that to others.

Thank you!  This is a gift to everyone.  You brought me joy today.