Step 26: How to make Carbon Fibre 1 ( wet layup )

Picture of How to make Carbon Fibre 1 ( wet layup )
So now you have your polished  mould , your 1/2 way there 

In the image below , the mould has had a coat of PVA based mould release , and coated 3x with clear epoxy resin , dont confuse epoxy resin with fibre glass resin , there different , select the hardest epoxy resin you can find ( MPA) , the harder the more resonate the violin plates will be , im using West System's 105 here with there 108 hardener , its easier to tone them down by playing with the  layers 

You have to allow each coat of epoxy to "jell " before applying the next coat , if you let it go hard , some bad stuff forms on the surface , and your layers will peel off