Step 5: Admire it

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Give it a good polish and your done 
aev1231032 months ago

i know you did it but it looks impossible

Ugifer3 years ago
That is a phenominal build!

I'd love to know what it weighs and how thick the plates are etc in comparison with a timber instrument. As well, of course, as how it sounds!

Interesting that the one part you didn't make from carbon was the bridge - was that because a carbon bridge gave a poor tone, or just because it looks great with normal bridge!?

Even more interesting might be a carbon bow - the weight of the bow must be significant in some fast pieces and a minimal weigth carbon bow might allow some techniques that are hardly accessable with a normal bow.

Thanks for posting - superb work.
Actually, from my experience, there are wood bows just as light, or lighter than many carbon bows. The weight matters, but balance is more important, and even a light bow can be frustrating if not properly balanced.
modelpilot3 years ago
Mate! as a teacher, product designer, hacker and cracker, and musical illiterate, that is one of the most stunning projects I have seen EVER!

What an amazing project, that rocks!!!

I have been looking to do some work in C/F for quite a while, and now realise that there is lots I have not researched.


blanchae3 years ago
Very nice and professional result. You made the neck out of carbon fibre too? What about the "fretboard" (don't know the name it's called on a violin - maybe fingerboard? Anyways, is it carbon fibre too?
it_fixxer3 years ago
As an engineer I applaud you. As a musician I am jealous. That is a true work of beauty.
eklipse3 years ago
That's amazing and beautiful! Do you have a sound clip or a video with sound?
tridrles3 years ago
About 3 years ago I started making CarbonFiber Ukuleles. I've made four but I have ended up using regular sound board for the tops.

For your first attemp you have done an EXCELLENT job. But, in your Instructable you didn't divelge the final CF weight, fiber orientation, cure temperature that you came up with for the final sound.

I have found that the first of anything I do is OK, it works. But, the second, third fourth that I make is MUCH better.
Congratulations! Your perseverance must border on the obsessive. I don't even play violin anymore, but I'd buy one of these.