Step 6: How to Draw A Violin A

Picture of How to Draw A Violin A
This"How too" is in response to people asking how i drew my violin , its not a strad 

I call this a 1234 design , if you use this to make a violin , please call it a "1234" design 
its quite simple and basicly  shows how the shape comes around using the golden rules where each radius is 1x  2x 4x 

To start off you need a measurement to start , so measure the bridge , you want the centre of the foot stance , on my violin its 32mm 

so starting at 1/2 , 1 , 2, 3, 4,  the measurement  you get 

16mm ,  32mm ,  64mm , 96mm , 128mm , these are the radius of your circles 

To start draw a 32mm radius circle on a centre line about 200mm right of the edge of the page (A3)