A relelitivly simple trick everyone can do, and it works everytime.

Step 1: Set-up

The only cards you need for this trick are the face cards (kings, queens and jacks, if you don't know) and aces.
Arrange the cars like so:

Step 2: Cut the Deck

continue the last step as shown with all the cards in decending order(king, queen, jack, ace), if you don't understand ,seek help.

the stack the sets of cards, ask who ever your showing the trick to, to cut the deck as many times as they like but they must lift at least 1 card from the top each time.

Step 3: Your Grand Finale

After the deck ha been cut, start to lay out the cards like so, and have the each card over-lap the card under it.

And that's it.Don't ask me how this works ,it just does.
what is this trick even supposed to do?
it doesnt make any sense... its not possible to cut a deck and hve the same order.
you lost me compleatly after the second one 
Does anyone know where I can get good instructions for Tricks with a Svengali Deck? Help would be much appriated.
go on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.magicgeek.com">http://www.magicgeek.com</a> and buy a book or dvd.<br/>
it easy to use just rub your thumb one way and they will all be the same rub it the other and they will all be different
you made no sense after step 2
you stoped making sense after step 2
I don't get it...
that is awesome.....i dont get how the cards dont get messed up
THANK YOU! i know its pretty cool
I don't get it
This instructable doesn't instruct how the trick is supposed to be performed. Was someone supposed to choose a card first? What is the person to do with the cards he lifts from the top as he cuts the deck? Are those the cards that are laid down? What is the trick supposed to show as you lay them down? I did the trick and I got a randomized group of cards on the table.
After they cut the deck its left at that, they have no further particpation, other than being "amazed" at the end. and of course you lay them on a table or something, are you gona hold 16 cards in your hand laid in 4 coloums? at the end(if you've done it right) the jacks, queens, queens and kings should be with each other in their own coloum.
they cut the deck and they leave it at that ,they have no other part to play in the trick other than to be "amazed" at the end and of course they're laid down. Are you gonna hold 16 cards in your hands laid out in a line? at the end all the aces, jacks, queens and kings should be with each other in their coloum.
hey that was my picture from google images lol <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EMVS3GSDQZEQHO9H63/">https://www.instructables.com/id/EMVS3GSDQZEQHO9H63/</a> but kerosine soaked cloths are fun (as long as there on someone else)&gt;; )<br/>
yea it was the 1st picture to come up,sorry

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