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Pretty straightforward... I found a cute, worn-out window from my garden shed and took out all the leftover glass fragments. Then I took a sheet of thin plywood, which my wife coated with an adhesive chalkboard film. After that all I had to to was screw around a bit(pun!) and apply some steel wire for hanging.

Don't mind the text, it's just showing how serious and mature I am all the time(it's in Finnish).


calico cat (author)2014-03-01

I'm glad I ran into your instructable. I have two old wooden window frames and I was planning on turning them into coffee tables. After reading about your idea, I now know what to do with them. One will become a chalkboard and the other one a corkboard. Thanks a lot!

Thermonuklear (author)calico cat2014-03-31

It's nice to hear that my cruddy crafts give people inspiration :)

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