Wooden Model Axe


Introduction: Wooden Model Axe

Have you ever wanted to make an impressive looking model weapon for show or as a prop? Yes? Have you always wanted that weapon to be a axe? Yes again? Well, now you can.

Step 1: Tools

You Will Need:

5mm Median density fibre board

10mm dowel

A wooden handle/Stick





Something to make curved cuts e.g. coping saw, scroll saw or jigsaw

Step 2: Making the Axe Head

Draw the axe head in a design that you want on the median density fiberboard, then cut it out using the jigsaw. You've got to make sure one side is smaller (thinner) than the other so that it will fit into the slot in the handle.

Step 3: Make a Slot in the Stick

Now using a 5mm drill bit (the same width as your MDF axe head), drill a number of holes close together that in total equal to the height of you currently cut out axe head. Then, if you have not drilled the holes close enough together that they join up, use the saw to cut down all the holes to make a thin slot. If it isn't wide enough to let the axe head fit through widen it with a file

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now push the MDF axe head through the slot you have created. Now, using the 10mm drill bit which is the same size as the dowel, drill a hole through the handle so that it passes through the slot and wooden axe head while the axe is assembled.

Step 5: Sharpen the Dowel

Now, cut the dowel down to size so it sticks out about 3 centimeters either side of the handle once it has been pushed through the hole. Then, using a sharpener, sharpen the dowel until it becomes a point. (I do not recommend completely sharpening the stick to a sharp point as this could be dangerous and could hurt someone)


Step 6: Finish

Now slot the dowel through the hole, and this will cause the axe head not to move within the slot. If you feel like it you could paint it silver to make it look more authentic

As a slight improvement to this design, you could put 2 dowels through the axe head to stop it wobbling as suggested by

Now, go and test it out



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    theres a better way to make a better ax and all you do is split a pice of wood(like wats used in the picture) and split it down the center then take a plank of wood and carve it to the desired ax head shape and stick it to the top- part of the ax(wat ever end u want the head at) and put it between the two halves then tie the sticks just ontop of the ax head and below.(Tie the ropes fancy if u want to) then for the rest of the handel use screws to put it back together or use alot of rope...this has been a Rogue Weapons Report Copyright 2009...ty for reading.

    you what!? ha ha. are you insane!? Just use a pair of scissors! Make life easy for yourself! sombody invented them so they could be used and make peoples lives easier instead of letting them "carry on chopping paper with wooden axes!

    so you're saying that scissors should be used instead of a wood axe? maybe giant scissors should replace real axes. like cutting down a tree with scissors. big scissors.

    yeah err..... thats right

    lol again! btw, that's a good idea!!!

    curses, someone stole the idea.


    real axes chop wood. but what do wood axes chop? paper?

    if i was you i buy a block of like hard foam, like a block of it and shape it to an axe head then paper mache it of what ever you could paint it and it would look pretty sick...but thats if i was you.....and um im not so...

    Use two holes spaced fairly apart to prevent wobbling. Use thicker wood and make an edge for fun :)

    Heh heh, pretty cool. I like the use of the regular old stick for added barbarian flavor. You could probably get a broomstick or something and make a really nice halberd out of it.

    Thanks for your comments and im sorry kiteman i didnt know you had to make it as proper english as you can

    Excellent use of creation Azzlan. teach me someday how to make one.

    We do generally strive to make this site as good and inclusive as it can be. That includes using proper English ("please", not "plz" etc) and best spelling ("here's", not "heres") so that translating software can cope with it.

    woot 1st post if you prep it right and hit it w chrome spray paint this will look sick