A cheap and effective mini spotlight! Ideal for Stop-motion animation.

Picture of A cheap and effective mini spotlight! Ideal for Stop-motion animation.

This is an Instructable on how to build a small, effective spotlight that's ideal for stop-motion animations and photography.

You'll need very few ingredients and about 10-15 minutes of free time.

It's basically a cover that fits over your lamp and condenses it's usual wide-spread rays of light into a much smaller area.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

You will need the following items:

- A lamp (preferably one that's fairly flexible-poseable)

- Some masking/packing/clear tape

- A cereal box or other thin cardboard

- An empty kitchen/toilet roll tube (the longer the tube, the smaller the patch of light)

- Scissors

- A knife

- A drawing implement

Optional Extra: A circle cutter (Handy for the hole that the tube fits into)

-:IMPORTANT:- The bulb in your light MUST be energy saving. Regular bulbs will get too hot and you will risk setting things on fire.
I have used an energy saving bulb in mine for hours and barely even gets warm.
deco20041 year ago
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insomniaSAH5 years ago
if the images are anything to go off of, I'm vaguely interested in seeing this stop motion xD
bad ass pope (author)  insomniaSAH5 years ago
Well, you can see the first 47 seconds of it here. I'm working on it at them moment, but I'm not sure when it'll be fully finished. I'll post it up on here when it's complete though, if you'd like? Thanks for showing an interest :-)
I like it.....
bad ass pope (author)  SicilianMafia5 years ago
Thanks :-)