A collection of the (really simple) hacks from our Sugru sponsored hack night. We also have a few more in-depth Instructables using Sugru.

Sugru is a cool air-setting (technically, curing) rubber-like silicone that comes in various colours. It is readily mixed and you can make any shade.

fizzPOP: The Birmingham Makerspace is a small UK hack/makerspace, growing fast, with new larger premises. There are wide and wild variations in interests from our members. This is our official account.

Step 1: Drop-proof Your Phone

Simply take some sugru and stick it to your phone or phone case. Yes, it will even stick to a silicone case!

Once cured the rubber lumps make an effective drop-proofing.
<p>Lots of great sugru ideas. Thanks!</p>

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Bio: We are a small UK hack/makerspace. Wide and wild variations in interests. This is our official account. Open nights on Wednesdays. See @fzzpop, www ... More »
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