This is my first guide, and I do plan to obtain a digital camera at some point soon [at which pont I will update this instructable to include live-action and personal photos] for now these pictures do not belong to me, and I take no responsibility for them. As such I ask readers to refrain from commenting on this specific subject.

Now on to the meat of the matter, In this complete guide I plan to touch down on all current airsoft weapon variants [as in assault rifles, shotguns, rifles, etc.]

Step 1: The Choice

Whilst choosin a gun, you are presented with three main choices of gun types.

Spring guns [Springers]: The most robust and cheap weapons on the market. They tend to be weak, and most are made out of cheap plastics. They need to be manually cocked after every shot, and accuracy is tends to be lacking [with the exception of most bolt-action rifles].

Electric guns [AEG]: Easily the most common, and usually the cheapest. These guns sacrifice realism for functionality. They allow for hi-cap magazines [wound-up clips with way above realistic standards for ammunition, usually peaking at around 450-500 rounds] and are powered by rechargeable batteries that will usually last a full game before dying. the dissadvantages are that they sound like toys, through and through; usually lack any recoil and Hi-cap magazines are not allowed at most 'hard-core' events.

Gas guns: The most realistic guns on the market. These variate between Non-blowbacks [a familiar feeling to AEG users] and Gas Blow Back [GBB's have a realistic recoil, and are my personal faveorite airsoft weapon. Gas guns are usually powered by green gas.
Does any one know how to make a cap gun into a airsoft gun and how to make a airsoft grenade<br>
<p>worldpremieriarosftcenter.com has a bunch of guides for cheaper options rifles,pistols,shotguns,best games.. Just about everything check it out</p>
has anyone every seen an automatic aa12 for airsoft.<br><br>
<p>There's a 100$ semi-auto gas powered tri-shot on sale at evike.com but as far as I know AA-12's still haven't been designed.</p>
<p>you can get an electric blow back, and mid caps so don't go around saying that aegs aren't realistic.</p>
where did you get the m4 with the full stock
is that the aftermath Kirinex?
i dont know but its a pretty rifle :D
not the kirenex. the kirenex is definetely a good and sexy rifle in all respects. as far as airsoft lit on instructables goes, this is prettey good. i know how to make airsoft rpg's also. they are just time consuming and expensive to make ammo for and maintain.
I stand fully corrected, that is a Kirenex!
I made one also! Sometimes I just get some tin foil and pour like 50 bb's into the center, wrap it up like a ball and when it hits a surface it breaks oped and sends the bbs flying
you should do an instructable for the rpg and ammo!
Extremely cheap in comparison? Sigh. I was lucky enough to find me full metal m1911 for $60, very cheap actually, but great CO2 pistol. Have you not seen Tokyo Marui's pistols? Cheapest iv'e seen is is like $125. Most expensive gun I have gotten was $600
I have the M200 Intervention actually. Really fun, Christmas present to myself. :)
&quot;wound-up clips with way above realistic...&quot; <br> <br>Hate to be the one to do this but, not clips, mags. Clips are the plastic bits that hold to bullets together. Magazines are what you actually put in the gun.
whats the mag capacity, weight, fps, and WHAT THE HALL WOULD AND AIRSOFT RPG SHOOT?????????????
Hmm A fuckload of bbs at once? That would be awesome in cqc. Blow. 200 bbs. In someone's face. Epic.
ok so it's more like a shot gun or blunderbuss (and old weapon used to kill whales and big stuff). whats cqc and rpk?
blunderbust is a pirate mini shotgun that even though it can load anything into the barrel could not kill a whale unless perfectely placed.<br>
The blunderbuss was first used by the Dutch Army.
The blunderbuss was extremely inaccurate, and was only used to kill whales in the southern areas of the colonies, becuase whales everywhere else had to thick of a hide.
AN RPK is a type of Light Machine Gun.
I only imagined that. CQC=Close Courters Combat
none of these type of ibles contain recommendations and sites where you can get them!!!! AAAARRGGHH
I am going to make a guide for where the best stores are online, so you might wanna check that out.
Try airsoftpost.com airsoftstation.com airsoftmegastore.com
its not just you who makes rpg's you can buy them off airsoft world.
From what I know, support gunners are highly situational, for example, if you're a sniper, and you come across an army of enemies, the best thing to do is call in a support gunner. Also, support gunners are known to use GL's too.
you forgot to mention green, red , and black gass ( green gas is the most commen)<br>and propain
I have a L96 and its awesome. Buy one<br>
i think the AUG HBAR is the best LMG out their
i hit a running kid at around 100ft with my gas desert eagle pistols are not always inaccurate
deagles are never inaccurate
i only duel wield smgs the deagle has 2 much kick (with my arm straight out it will bend my arm to about 20-30 degrees)
pistols? you dual wielding? i use m1911 co2, but to correct this guide most pistols are green gas
These could also be used for scout weapons! :D
These can also be used as a primary for scouts. Especially if you use another for a side arm!
im sorry but a blunder buss was not used to kill wales. it was like an anti personel wepon. it was like a shoulder mounted canon wtevr you could fit in the barle you could shoot .it original name wass the donder buss in duch it means thunder barrle historiens are not shure how its name got changed from donder to blunder . mabey they thought blunder sounded cooler. <br>
m60 and m249 are the same thing just look them up
They're effing not.
Yes they're effing are
In the 1980s, the M60 was partially replaced by the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) within the infantry squad. The M60 was retained in the vehicle mounted role and the general-purpose role due to its greater power and range compared to the 5.56 mm M249. DIFFERENT.
No, they absolutely definitely aren't.
Shut the #&amp;$^&amp;$&amp;*^(*^ up
Number one, please watch the language and attitude.<br> <br> Number two, try a little research, as you yourself suggested way back on August 15th.<br> <br> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M60_machine_gun">M60</a><br> <br> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M249_light_machine_gun">M249</a><br> <br> They don't even originate from the same country or the same decade.<br> <br> I think you owe some people an apology, young man.<br> <br> <br>
Add a &quot;please&quot; doesn't make that comment polite.<br><br>The guns are different. You were wrong. The mature thing would be to admit your mistake and apologise to those you have been rude to.<br><br>Your choice.
i'm sorry
Thank you.

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