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This is my first instructable so hi :)

This is a super easy project which would be great for kids and beginners. It will take maybe half an hour at most

First, draw or trace a dagger on to a piece of wood.

Then cut out the shape of it using a scroll saw, coping saw or fret saw.

Shape the dagger using a utility knife or any kind of carving knife, e.g a pocket knife.shape the blade and handle

When you are happy with the shape of it, it is time to finish the dagger.

Sand the dagger Smooth so it doesn't give you splinters or anything.

You could varnish it or finish it any way you want.

I painted mine with silver paint from ikea, it looks really cool :)


ClenseYourPallet (author)2015-07-22

That is one nice looking dagger. Thanks for the instructable and keep them coming

Thanks so much :)

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