A Curly Piece of Art





Introduction: A Curly Piece of Art

For everyone who likes to draw: it doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming!

In this instructable I will show you how to make this doodle kind of drawing I make all the time. All the skills you need to have to make this, is knowing how to use a pen/pencil. When making this drawing, try not to think about the end result, just doodle away, this will make the drawing so much more fun and could even result in a better drawing!

I made an instructable on this kind of drawing before, but the pics were a bit hazy and it only had one sentence of text, so I decided to remake it :)

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a piece of paper and pen/pencil :)

Step 2: Starting to Draw

First of all, you need to choose a shape to start with. I like to start with a butterfly, since you can use the feelers to add the first curls to your doodle.

Step 3: Getting Curly and Adding Shapes

To create a place to draw a shape, you can draw a second curl as shown. The place between the two curls is perfert

Step 4: And More Curls

And now it is up to you: doodle away! I've added some pictures for possible inspiration :)

Step 5: Done!

And that's what my finished doodle drawing looks like! To end it, all I did was draw on the wings of the butterfly, since they looked a bit empty in the doodly result :) I really hope you liked this instructable and found it useful, I would love to see your doodles!



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    Because of this wonderful idea in class I made one for my teacher and everybody loved it thank you


    Nice! Can you use the curly wirly swirlies as a jumpstart to jewelry designs?


    PS: We visited the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam last week. There's a _huge_ exhibition of Marcel Wanders. Big time interior designer. You should go there as well. Because I happen to know that you will love it. The guy makes crocheted(!) lamps...


    Thank you! I am going to try to use it in jewelry, but probably after finishing all the unfinished stuff I'm working on at the moment :) *searches google images* Those are amazing!

    This is the one I made

    2014, 14:26.jpg