Picture of A cute bag from old clothes
This tutorial shows how to make a bag (with a personality) using fabric pieces from old clothes and other fabrics. The project is very easy to make but takes time and requires a lot sewing with a sewing machine.

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Step 1: Materials&Tools

Picture of Materials&Tools

1. Old clothes
2. Left-overs of different fabrics
3. Stuffing


1. Sewing machine
2. Scissors
3. Needle and thread
4. Printer paper

Step 2: Download or make your own sewing pattern

Picture of Download or make your own sewing pattern
The bag's pattern is very simple; you can download the pdf pattern as the starting point for your bag.  It uses very simple shapes that can be modified easily to the shape that you want your bag to be.

1. The back, front, inside, outside, and pocket are cut the same size (any size, just make sure that they all match).

2. The outside of the back and front sides can be divided into smaller parts as shown in the picture to utilize small fabric scraps and make a visual pattern.

3. The legs are to be divided into stripes as well (see pictures for example).

4. The flap for the bag can be a different shape and divided into stripes as well.

5. The strap is made of scraps too, the pattern in the pdf is just for one strip. The amount of strips sewn together will affect the length of the shoulder strap.

Note: The main idea of this project is reuse old clothes, the decisions on the size and the patterns should be made considering the fabrics available. It's modular and uses mostly basic rectangular shapes, leaving it open for creativity and modification.

pattern.pdf(1224x792) 198 KB

Step 3: Cutting the fabric

Picture of Cutting the fabric
1. Cut the fabrics to fit the paper pattern. Make sure to leave at least half an inch at the edges of every piece for sewing. Mark the exact shape of the rectangle on the fabric; it will help to fit them together.

2. Keep organized: mark the top of each piece, which will give you an orientation when you are sewing them all together. Keep track of the parts of each side so you don't get confused.

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