Turn it upside down and it switches off. Turn it right side up again and it switches on. 

This is draailampje (Dutch, pronounce 'dry-lamp-yea', means something like turn-light), my 'invention' or better said, creation.

You can make one for yourself in 10-30minutes, depending on your soldering skills. 

  • soldering iron
  • soldering tin
  • wire cutters
  • small knife 
  • lighter (optional)
  • poster-stick-gum (optional)
Parts (available as kit):
  • mini jar
  • cr2032 holder
  • cr2032 battery
  • 10mm LED 
  • tilt / angle switch
  • dubble sided sticky tape / foam

Help is available, just comment on this instructable. Instructional video on youtube if you rather see me do it step by step. 

Kits, ready made and workshop kits available on my draailampje.nl website. 

Step 1: Test LED and Battery, Fold LED Leads Into V Shape

  1. Test the LED and battery by connecting the two (long lead on LED is )
  2. Fold leads of LED into V shape
  3. Fold 5mm of the - lead of LED (the short one) back a little
<p>I used flickering LEDs. Looks beutiful :)</p>
<p>Fantastic! Flickering LEDs are a great idea for this project. Thanks for sharing a picture :)</p>
<p>Hi David,</p><p>I used rechargeable batteries and two LEDs. A mini breadboard makes the circuit easier to realize.</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Jar-Light/">https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Jar-Light/</a></p>
Well done! And nicely made instructable too. A breadboard makes things much easier indeed, I just happen to have loads of cr2032 holders laying around :)
<p>I cannot find a tilt switch like the one you used. Where did you find it?</p><p>Dan White</p>
<p>I had luck here!</p><p>http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/251636433774?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&amp;_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 </p>
Thanks! I used those before, they are mostly good. Only find defect ones 1 in like 100.
Hi Dan!<br><br>I bought it at a local electronics store here in The Netherlands, comparable to what RadioShack used to be (in the olden days that is). A tilt or angle switch search on eBay will probably give you plenty of options! (that is where I bought the first mass order)
<p>I cannot find a tilt switch like the one you used. Where did you find it?</p><p>Dan White</p>
<p>Awesome! You know if it's current can be controlled by a dimmer or something like that?</p>
Not <strong>yet</strong>... But hopefully someone will make one :)
<p>Hmmm, and what about a switch to turn it ON/OFF?</p>
<p>Cool idea. I think i'll make one :)</p>
<p>Cool! Good luck :)</p>
Nice pictures too, btw. <br> <br>Y.
The pictures are stills from the video I took (play in VLC, shortcut to capture still) making the draailampjes. So much easier than making all the pictures separately :)
Very cute and nice idea! <br>Can make a variety of jars with different colored LEDs for efx on a table.
jars from bon maman jams and jellies are awesome!
Cool! Why don't you solder a capacitor in parallel with the LED? It would look more natural fading in and out ;)
nice idea, will make it even better!
Very nice. Adding a resistor in series to the led might reduce the heat in the tilt switch. Try this site: http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz
very handy, thank you!
Neat! Thanks!
Good Work
Why the heck was did never featured!? _Very_ nice instructable!
cool idea

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