A different Fire Pit from a Washing Machine drum

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Thanks so much for the response since I posted this. Please vote for the contests I've entered.

I had seen and heard of making a fire pit out of a washing machine drum. Well lucky day! The washing machine died!

Please use all safety equipment and caution when working with power tools and sharp materials and fire.

You will need to determine what parts to save and may be different than what I have. However, I present to you an idea you can adapt to your situation if you desire to make your own creation using my idea. The usual W/M tub fire pit is vertical and I thought of going horizontal with complete inclosure.

Washing machine tub
Whatever usable washing machine you can use (I used the internal three legged support)
self tapping screws
1/4-20 nuts and bolts
metal sheet with 1/8 holes
metal dry wall strip

Drill motor
Phillips tip driver
Single jack, or hammer
Grinder with cut off wheel
Welder (optional)
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Step 1: Get your stuff together

 Gather your materials, parts, and tools. I did this is a few hours including stripping down the old Washing machine.

Step 2: Prep the tub

The tub had a protrusion in the center that I removed for more space. I drilled four holes and used a cut off wheel to remove it. Then I cut a piece of the 1/8 screen to plug it by using self tapping screws driven in with the cordless drill motor. I created a half screen for the opening. Mark with felt pen, cut with snips, may make adjustments for good fit, created an edge out of the dry wall strip for the top edge, and finally attach with sheet metal screws and drill motor.
Hazelip1 year ago
This is overly complicated. Just yank out the drum, and use it standing up all on its own. Looks great, and works great.
onemoroni1 (author)  Hazelip1 year ago
If I wanted just a plain one I would have done that, but if you will re-read my explaination I gave my reason for the end result. Thanks for the compliment.

Yeah, nice I have to say I like YOUR idea and reasoning. Keep it up with your ORIGINAL ideas. Sheesh.

bermo1 year ago
I take it the smoke just goes everywhere ?
onemoroni1 (author)  bermo1 year ago
Which ever way the wind blows, or straight up in a calm, or depends of what you burn. Not as bad as a campfire.
misfitman1 year ago
Nice job. I have something like this, my father made. He made it more like a pot that you load wood from the top and with four 1x1x16 inch steel legs.
onemoroni1 (author) 1 year ago
I would like to show another view of the fire pit in action with the cover not in place.
Fire Pit 2.jpg
cody3051 year ago
I thought of doing something like this for burning old mail that you would otherwise have to shred. But mail doesn't burn very well unless you stir it up, so I thought of putting a hand crank on it to turn the tub every few minutes to redistribute the mail. I also would want some type of chimney on it, since there is a lot of smoke around it when you are burning mail. I have an old dryer with a stainless steel drum that I hope to use for it someday. It was nice to see how you did yours, it looks great!
onemoroni1 (author)  cody3051 year ago
I guess it could be a trash burner. Because of the nature of the holes in the drum I don't think a chimney would have much effect of the release of smoke. Seeing it in action it is quite like a campfire following the wind, but more controlled, and depending on what fuel you use how much smoke.
Lec1641 year ago
Yes it is common sense but i'm sure there's more than 1 or 2 that would build it, grab it, and get burned.. Just thought it should be put out there, wear a glove or use a longer handle...
Lec1641 year ago
Doesn't that door handle get way too hot? Otherwise great build. I use one vertically tho. No doors
onemoroni1 (author)  Lec1641 year ago
It certainly does, but I gave an old welding glove to use, but my sons dog ate it. You could use a hot pad or oven glove, it's all common sense.
onemoroni1 (author)  Wroger-Wroger1 year ago
Thanks for your comment.
plasMad621 year ago
You may or may not know that these drums are loaded with shot in the rim for balance.

YOU MUST CUT the rim to allow gases to escape or pressure will build up and the shot will explode with devastating force. I've seen it and it ain't pretty.
onemoroni1 (author)  plasMad621 year ago
There was a separate plastic balance ring with the whatever I threw away, good point to mention, mine just had a rolled edge of the same material as the rest of the tub.
Just putting it out there. My Dad had used one just for the fire pit not knowing the danger. We had just got up from sitting around the fire and had just walked away when it reached temperature and exploded.

It was like a shotgun blast in volume and effect. It destroyed the canopy over the trailer and inflicted injuries to our backs and legs. None fortunately serious. Had we been sitting in front of it I've know doubt one of us would have lost their eyesight!
onemoroni1 (author)  plasMad621 year ago
Thanks for your information. I have never heard of this and seen many in use with no such reaction including this instructable. Has anyone else had a washing machine tub explode? It would be helpful to know what make of machine caused this unfortunate experience. All the ones in use I've seen have the rolled edge of the same thickness (approx. 1/8") as the rest of the tub and no indication of shot loading or trapped gasses. Very curious experience you mention.
Unfortunately I do not know where Dad acquired this drum. I only know it was either a washing machine or dryer drum he used. He has since passed so there is no way of knowing now. Just that it happened as I described and if people are on the look out for it, it may prevent an unfortunate accident. Now it was 20+ years ago and perhaps the engineering on the newer machines has changed as per your description of the separate plastic drum balance ring. But you never know who may still have an old machine out there and say " wow neat idea and boom"!
AndrewMol1 year ago
Great idea! I created my version of the grill
onemoroni1 (author)  AndrewMol1 year ago
Very nice, looks like a dryer tub.
8steve881 year ago
Brilliant. A tumble dryer tub would probably work as well.
mdeblasi11 year ago
I wonder, if you pack the outside with clay, if you can use it for a bread oven.
The whole reason for using a perforated drum is air circulation. Of course if you cover the holes with clay it won't breath very well 8-(
onemoroni1 (author)  mdeblasi11 year ago
Interesting thought, as I said, this is my idea and you can do with it what you want.
caruiters1 year ago
Well made! As a south african braaing (Afrikaans for 'BBQ-ing') that makes a neat setup! I think I'll be hunting for a dead washing machine to make one...preferable a modular one to put in the back of my car.Otherwise cool post and nice idea!
onemoroni1 (author)  caruiters1 year ago
Thanks, I thought of putting a rack in it and suggested it to my daughter in law whose property it is now and she liked it. The legs I adapted are removable and can nest over the opening for transportation.
brota1 year ago
Is that a stainless tub?
onemoroni1 (author)  brota1 year ago
No, just from an old school washing machine.
Now that is nice. What a good idea.
Man, you went to a lot of trouble. We just sit our tub on a tire rim and fill it with wood.
If he just sat the tub on a tire rim, I don't think that is what this site is all about! I love his work, and appreciate the time that it took him to do this project. I would be proud to sit next to this on a summer night and raise my glass to a job well done!
onemoroni1 (author)  keydogstony1 year ago
Thanks for your comment, It certainly is more trouble than what you describe.
Awesome Job!, I love it!
onemoroni1 (author)  rollincaswell1 year ago
Awesome thanks.
This is what our Boy Scout troop uses, it's a great idea and works great
onemoroni1 (author)  Mrdomodoshi1 year ago
Thank you.