A dozen assorted valentine's carnations (by hand)

Picture of A dozen assorted valentine's carnations (by hand)

Are you in need of something spontaneous and romantic for your valentine's lover? maybe you want to give flowers to your teacher/friend, and roses seem too romantic. well have I got the thing for you! Join me in the process of hand making tissue paper carnations.

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Step 1: Gather your supplies

Picture of Gather your supplies
For this 'Ible, you'll need:

- A gluestick (It's easier to work with than tape or bottled glue, but you can use them as substitutes.)
- Scissors
- Red and white tissue paper ( you may want to use other colors, but you'll need a LOT of one. you'll see why later.)
- Floral tape and wire (consult your local florist, if you are confused.) 

Step 2: Preparing the flower

Picture of preparing the flower
Get a rather large piece of red tissue paper. ( It needs to be big, but size is relative here, as you may wish to change your desired flower size.) lay it out and fold it in half vertically. then again, horizontally.

Step 3: Shaping the future... petals

Picture of shaping the future... petals
Next, we'll cut away the four orners of our paper, leaving a layered stack. (Make sure not to be a perfectionist, as no two petals are the same.) Make rough cuts, and don't worry about the shaping now, this will smooth over and add to your flower later.

then repeat step 2 with your now oval-ish stack of paper. (folding in half) Rotate 45 degress and repeat again. this will give a basic outline for the bending of the paper later, thus giving your flower some uniformity, but only enough to ease our work load.

Step 4: Adding a pistil

Picture of adding a pistil
Female flowers have an anatomical organ known as the pistil. It is the recipient area for pollen from the stamen of a male flower. In this step, you'll need to punch a hole in the center of the stack, using a pencil as an awl.
patdoll2 years ago
All I can say is THANK YOU these are great I will be adding them to my collection!!! Patdoll
These are so much fun!  When I was a kid, wedding cars were decked out with  them.  Back then they were made with toilet paper.  Toilet paper came in blue, green,  turquoise and pink ;0)