A dozen assorted valentine's carnations (by hand)

Are you in need of something spontaneous and romantic for your valentine's lover? maybe you want to give flowers to your teacher/friend, and roses seem too romantic. well have I got the thing for you! Join me in the process of hand making tissue paper carnations.

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Step 1: Gather your supplies

For this 'Ible, you'll need:

- A gluestick (It's easier to work with than tape or bottled glue, but you can use them as substitutes.)
- Scissors
- Red and white tissue paper ( you may want to use other colors, but you'll need a LOT of one. you'll see why later.)
- Floral tape and wire (consult your local florist, if you are confused.) 

Step 3: Shaping the future... petals

Next, we'll cut away the four orners of our paper, leaving a layered stack. (Make sure not to be a perfectionist, as no two petals are the same.) Make rough cuts, and don't worry about the shaping now, this will smooth over and add to your flower later.

then repeat step 2 with your now oval-ish stack of paper. (folding in half) Rotate 45 degress and repeat again. this will give a basic outline for the bending of the paper later, thus giving your flower some uniformity, but only enough to ease our work load.

Step 4: Adding a pistil

Female flowers have an anatomical organ known as the pistil. It is the recipient area for pollen from the stamen of a male flower. In this step, you'll need to punch a hole in the center of the stack, using a pencil as an awl.
patdoll2 years ago
All I can say is THANK YOU these are great I will be adding them to my collection!!! Patdoll
These are so much fun!  When I was a kid, wedding cars were decked out with  them.  Back then they were made with toilet paper.  Toilet paper came in blue, green,  turquoise and pink ;0)