Step 10: Fold It, Tape It

Fold it, tape it, it's just about ready...
putting a magnifying glass would work even better
Nope, it would complicate things a lot, you'd stop seeing all the scene.
Drafting, or drawing?
Both, actually, I'm sick of seeing Engineering geniuses that can't draw a 3D sketch to save their lives... :D<br>But it should be SKETCHING, as you can learn to sketch, both for drafting and drawing.
I have known professionals unable to string together a coherent sentence. The worst thing is that they fancy themselves with the right to teach an Eskimo to combat the cold!
That's what Instructables are for! LOL!
So...<br><br>The paper hangs inside the box, and you reach in somehow to draw over the projected image?<br><br>I think you need a wider shot of somebody actually using the device.<br><br>(If you've done what I think you've done, this is a version of a <em>camera lucida</em>. Or it might be a <em>camera obscura</em> with a hole in the side. I can't quite tell.<br><br>
Re-made the Instructable, so now, it's right in front of you guys, first picture.
See this picture:<br><br>http://static2.ponoko.com/design_images/images/1600/cac7d30b-9fd5-32e8-babf-ece71cbf90e0/sketch_product_page.jpg?1293113552
<br> <a href="http://xkcd.com/859/">)</a>

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