A Drunk Illusion-- and You Don't Need to Touch a Drop





Introduction: A Drunk Illusion-- and You Don't Need to Touch a Drop

This is not original but it is a classic optical illusion that can be done with any graphics application. I used Macromedia Fireworks but freeware software like IrfanView will do this easily.

First you need an image of a well known person, I chose Phoney Blair, the ex-Prim [sic] Minister of Great Britain

Step 1: Change Eyes

The trick to this illusion is to offset the eyes and mouth of the persons face. These are the main features we look at when looking at another person.

In Fireworks I use the Lasso tool; selecting a figure of 8 around the eyes, below the eyebrows and quite close the lower eyelid like the figure below:

Step 2: Offsetting the Eyes

Now using the clone feature drag the selection to just below the originals like so:

Step 3: Repeat Step One...

..but this time select the mouth. You do not have to be too precise but as close to the lip edges is good ..like so:

Step 4: Repeat Step 2...

...but this time for the mouth. Drag the mouth down to the same distance as the eyes like so;

Step 5: Tony

I have found that images where the eyes are quite prominent work well for this illusion

Step 6: You Now Have an Illusion

You can have great fun with lots of people...I rather enjoy lampooning politicians....cheers George

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dood he look like alien

Really creepy!

ow, that hurts my head. here's another fun thing (just got it by email): pick you right foot slightly off the floor, rotate it clockwise now with your right hand, draw the number six in the air. you can't do it without changing your foots direction.

Perhaps it is you who has a funky brain, because I too could do it without a problem.

yes, my brain is funkier than most, it's funkalicious

as did I, funny.