Introduction: A Drunk Illusion-- and You Don't Need to Touch a Drop

Picture of A Drunk Illusion-- and You Don't Need to Touch a Drop

This is not original but it is a classic optical illusion that can be done with any graphics application. I used Macromedia Fireworks but freeware software like IrfanView will do this easily.

First you need an image of a well known person, I chose Phoney Blair, the ex-Prim [sic] Minister of Great Britain

Step 1: Change Eyes

Picture of Change Eyes

The trick to this illusion is to offset the eyes and mouth of the persons face. These are the main features we look at when looking at another person.

In Fireworks I use the Lasso tool; selecting a figure of 8 around the eyes, below the eyebrows and quite close the lower eyelid like the figure below:

Step 2: Offsetting the Eyes

Picture of Offsetting the Eyes

Now using the clone feature drag the selection to just below the originals like so:

Step 3: Repeat Step One...

Picture of Repeat Step One...

..but this time select the mouth. You do not have to be too precise but as close to the lip edges is good so:

Step 4: Repeat Step 2...

Picture of Repeat Step 2...

...but this time for the mouth. Drag the mouth down to the same distance as the eyes like so;

Step 5: Tony

Picture of Tony

I have found that images where the eyes are quite prominent work well for this illusion

Step 6: You Now Have an Illusion

Picture of You Now Have an Illusion

You can have great fun with lots of people...I rather enjoy lampooning politicians....cheers George

more fun at my site


Plo Koon (author)2012-04-02

dood he look like alien

RaniaMomo (author)2012-03-15

lol that's awesome

Illeana (author)2010-11-16

Really creepy!

leevonk (author)2007-01-22

ow, that hurts my head. here's another fun thing (just got it by email): pick you right foot slightly off the floor, rotate it clockwise now with your right hand, draw the number six in the air. you can't do it without changing your foots direction.

Xynck (author)leevonk2008-06-17

Perhaps it is you who has a funky brain, because I too could do it without a problem.

bowmaster (author)Xynck2009-05-21

Me too.

leevonk (author)Xynck2008-06-17

yes, my brain is funkier than most, it's funkalicious

arevolutionist (author)leevonk2007-01-23

I completed this task with ease.

as did I

Arbitror (author)unspecified2008-07-29

as did I, funny.

xwx (author)Arbitror2009-04-02

as did me too :3

zupperzipper (author)leevonk2008-12-10

Weird... I could do it

Bright Shadow (author)leevonk2008-11-27


JakeTobak (author)leevonk2007-01-23

Maybe you guys are doing it wrong, or maybe you have funky brains. This one is pretty old, but it works, so.... go get your brains checked out.

inevitable_chaos (author)leevonk2007-01-22

I could, very easily, the first time. Unimpressed.. lol

yeah me too

hammer9876 (author)2009-04-02

What is equally weird is to make the eyes and mouth parts upside down. (Why can't I add an image?) You can do it with a bitmap image with Microsoft Paint. I great big grin looks really grim.

struckbyanarrow (author)2008-03-23

imagine the sound of one hand clapping hehehe twitch twitch hehehe

mwwdesign (author)2008-01-09

Heee heee heee heee....

DrCoolSanta (author)2007-11-11

These graphics need some work. And don't you dare tell me that you only have fireworks, fireworks works just as good, you can easilly make these look lesser like images edited in MS paint, by that I mean, you could do this in paint. Anyways, not very good, not bad either, but they turn me dizzy -_-'

Thermionic (author)2007-05-15

My brain is broken, that picture just hurts!

xsmurf (author)2007-01-22

I really wouldn't go as far as calling this an illusion, to me it looks more like a shameless plug for your site.

Jezza Bear (author)xsmurf2007-01-22

Relax and enjoy, young one:-)

m-arijn (author)Jezza Bear2007-01-24

nice one:P like the instructable...I do also use graphic software and tought you could change the shape of the mouth. the 'illusion' works a little better than. when I have some spare time i will make one and post it here

Jezza Bear (author)m-arijn2007-01-24

Cool, I will like to see you using GIMP, just to get an idea of its power

Ian01 (author)Jezza Bear2007-03-27

I would like to see you use Photoshop CS3, just to get an idea of its power. It's what I use.

Jezza Bear (author)Ian012007-03-27

Hi There I have never really got to grips with Photoshop as I have alwyas been a Macromedia (now Adobe) Fireworks user. The two products are very similar but it is horses for courses and if work buy it for me, who am I to argue;-)

trebuchet03 (author)xsmurf2007-01-22

okay fine.... not an illusion -- instructions how to recreate the effect :P

But this "illusion" actually has merit ;) Look at the faces, perspective is distorted without actually changing dimension. Even though everyone is different - our brains first reaction (unconscious) is to expect certain features in specific locations. I forget what part of the brain that's responsible for it (I think it starts with an "a") but that same part of the brain is responsible for phobia and initial uncontrollable reaction (which is why you'll feel fear before you've consciously recognized a phobia :P).

Here's one that's been around the internets :P

ARVash (author)trebuchet032007-01-23

still doesn't work for me :<.. maybe i'm just some freak who is used to people having four eyes.. i've tried everything to trick them.. blurring my eyes and whatnot ;___;. mebe i'm too used to photoshopped images XD. who knows

lemonie (author)2007-03-10

It would seem (from several comments) that not everyone has been too drunk to see straight. But this works for me - nice one. L

Xavi3000 (author)2007-03-09

Dont really get might be the worst optical illusion ever...

Xavi3000 (author)Xavi30002007-03-09

Thanx but i tried...i really did but nothing happened...guess im optically challenged!Nevermind,thanx anyway!

Jezza Bear (author)Xavi30002007-03-09

Just checking. Have you looked at the very last image in my Instructable? It is funny, the illusion is subtle and some people it has an effect on and others, like you, it does nothing. There are other examples below, the one by crapflinger is pretty good as he/she seems to have got the distance between the eyes perfectly.

Ibanezfoo (author)2007-01-25

I don't get it..... What exactly is the point?

Jezza Bear (author)Ibanezfoo2007-01-25

You may have missed the last image or the image of ARVash below or the image submitted by crapflinger. The eye and mouth of the images have been offset slightly. Our brains are conditioned to see faces and interpret information and extrude it from visual data. We invariably focus on the eys and mouth, the main areas that display emotion and provide a signal of emotion. Look at my avitar, what emotion does it display? Anger, surprise, you tell me? The offsetting of the eyes and mouth make us unsure what to focus on and hence our eyes and brain become confused. I posted crapflingers version of the image on another website and a lot of the regulars said they werenquite perturbed by is funny how some people can see the illusion and others can't....

Ibanezfoo (author)Jezza Bear2007-02-10

Thats weird. I can't see it. To me it just looks like a messed up face. Oh well... I can't see those stereogram images either... go figure. I kind of feel left out... lol

implaxis (author)2007-01-27

Would animating it (as a gif, perhaps) and only slightly moving the items and background be more unsettling? I'll have to try that.

Jezza Bear (author)implaxis2007-01-27

Here is Hugh Grant, I chose him as blue eyes seem to work well.

I hope this works, I am not sure about animations on this site? If not you can view it here....Hugh Grant

Jezza Bear (author)implaxis2007-01-27

So will I that sounds a good idea, let's see what we come up with and compare. I will try vertical displacement first.

crapflinger (author)2007-01-23

always fun to mess with the eyes...deffinitely hurts a little to look at.. as a quick method to remove a step or most editing programs if you hold down either the ctrl or shift key when can add to the current selection...that way you could circle the left eye...hold the ctrl or shift (whichever in your program) then circle the right eye...then hold the ctrl or shift key again to circle the mouth...then when you move the selection...all three elements will move as one...thereby getting them to move to the same rellative distance....which i would imagine would enhance the effect since they will still be proportional to their original location...and since our brains seek out symetry and proportionalisticatude (made that word's nice) should make the effect a bit more would help to aleviate the nose bridge shift...which does detract from the effect slightly

crapflinger (author)crapflinger2007-01-23

as such

Jezza Bear (author)crapflinger2007-01-23

Nice touch, it definitely works with images where the person has quite prominent eyes.

JakeTobak (author)2007-01-23

It would probably look better if you did one eye at a time, just so the bridge of the nose doesn't get pulled down also.

crestind (author)2007-01-22

Is there some way I should look at this?

Andrew546 (author)2007-01-22

seems like it gives a better effect when you only get a quick glance at it. Once you start concentrating on the image its obvious whats been done and doesn't have much of an effect.

trebuchet03 (author)2007-01-22

He is quite a prim prime minister :P

Jezza Bear (author)trebuchet032007-01-22

Is the "a" part of the brain you mentioned the amygdala

trebuchet03 (author)Jezza Bear2007-01-22

that sounds familiar enough for me to say yes :P

jeffcapeshop (author)2007-01-22

what is it supposed to be?

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