A Duct Tape Waterbottle





Introduction: A Duct Tape Waterbottle

This is my water bottle made completely from duct tape, I used aproximatly 8 meters of it. The bottle has a lid which you pull open to drink from it. 

If you want to make your own then here's what you do:

First cut off a strip of tape, any length you want, and fold it over the longer edge. Then bend into a ring shape and tape it down. Do this three times in total. These will be the sturcture for the bottle.

Now get some more tape and attach one end to a ring and the other end to a different ring. Do this all the way round. Keep repeating his until you have used all the rings.

Next seal up the bottom of the bottle with more duct tape.

Then cut a circleout of the duct tape big enough to act as a lid. Re-enforce it with more tape.

Then make a lip at the top of the bottle, this will stop the lid oppening be itself, by folding over duct tape and sticking to the top at a slight angle.

Finally attach the lid with a duct tape hinge and make a handle to pull open the lid.

Once you have done this just go round and patch up an leaks that you find.  



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no offence to your duct taping skills, but is it safe to drink out of?

Yes, I have been using it and I haven't had any problems. Just make sure that you line the inside with duct tape (or anything else) so that the chemicals that make it sticky don't get in the water. Hope this helps.

More like a duct tape shot glass! ;)