Introduction: A Elastic Powerd Little Catapult (E.P.L.C.)

Picture of A Elastic Powerd Little Catapult (E.P.L.C.)

I let see you how you can built a catapult
that is power with a elastic

Step 1: The Fireing System

Picture of The Fireing System

let's begin with the fire system
made all things you see
and than ,put all together

Step 2: The Bottom Frame

Picture of The Bottom Frame

now we begin with the bottom frame

Step 3: The Fire Power Builder

Picture of The Fire Power Builder

here i made a fire power system

(with out this you cant fire)

Step 4: Making the Swing Step1

Picture of Making the Swing Step1

we start with the power fist

Step 5: Making the Swing Step 2

Picture of Making the Swing Step 2

now we made the swing of the catapult
and the elastic.

Step 6: Fix the Swing

Picture of Fix the Swing

do this B-)

Step 7: Finishing and Using Your Cataplult

Picture of Finishing and Using Your Cataplult

finishing and using

Step 8: Thanks

thank you for making or looking ad mi first instructable

dinky =)


GeekBeam (author)2009-12-22

nice i like the power builder so you can shoot at varying lenths

GeekBeam (author)GeekBeam2009-12-22

5 stars ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****...

narutokid201 (author)2009-09-14

should have made the title elastic powered intense catapult E.P.I.C

snailfecher (author)2009-08-24

i dont get how to use this can you help me?

battlefront1 (author)2008-11-13


F I S H (author)2008-08-26

nice, i made it :) its got good range for its size 4/5 stars

no username (author)2008-07-09

*****nice! one of the best catapults ive seen in years! i like how you turn the handle to increase the power. i also like the trigger system.overall, id give it 10 stars,but,for the rating system,5 is good.***** *****

demondudeben (author)2008-05-25

i built it but i dont get how you fire it because you have to release the red connector holding the swing part as well as releaseing the power part how do do it?

dinky (author)demondudeben2008-05-25

pull the trigger backwards to fire

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-05-18

awesome, 5 stars!

wussap (author)2008-05-18


I_am_Canadian (author)2008-05-18

Very Cool! 5 Stars!

dsman195276 (author)2008-05-18

NICE! i love little miniature desktop weapons. also very clear instructions! 5/5!

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