Basically these are a few handy tricks to save you going to the toolbox and whatnot, Im sure everyone will know at least one of these already but some might not so I'll post away. Do rate if you like, not for winning things but it's an easily quantified feedback.

Step 1: Removing Nails...

Why bother going down to get the hammer if you're just dragging a nail out for safety reasons, really why bother with the claw hammer that'll probably take an hour or two to find in the end when you have pliers, any kind'll do and even wire cutters in a pinch.

So you take a grip on the nail with the pliers, using the nose end, lift up to the head of the nail and turn the pliers through 180 degrees, the nail should now be out and shaped like a staple, if it isn't try giving it a yank to pull it straight and repeat near the bottom of the visible part of the nail.

Please point out that the bullet was spent before you cut away. Some people have to have this spelled out.
good point... though the way you do it means it has to be, the drill can't grip a round with the slug intact... then again idiocy finds a way...
Smart idea(s). I like the one in Step 3, that's a really good idea.
It's also a great variant on buckaroo, cheers must get the video for step 5 up

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