Introduction: A Floor Lamp Made With a Mic Stand

Picture of A Floor Lamp Made With a Mic Stand

We had a very simple idea: put a lamp within a microphone!

The lamp should be small, so what is best than a LED!?
We used
and a very cheap microphone.

The result was much more nice than we expected!

Step 1: Empty the Microphone

Picture of Empty the Microphone

The first step is to empty the microphone.
We advise you to use a very cheap dynamic microphone.

We used a used AKG one, bought for about 15 euros.
Usually the cap can be screw off.

Step 2: Disassemble the JANSJÖ

Picture of Disassemble the JANSJÖ

Next is to disassemble the JANSJÖ lamp, and cut its wires.
You have to keep the led holder intact, it will be useful.

Step 3: Join Mic and Lamp

Picture of Join Mic and Lamp

Now you have to join the mic and the lamp.
We used some strong glue to fix the lamp holder to the mic.

Step 4: Soldering, Sweet Soldering

Picture of Soldering, Sweet Soldering

Now you have to solder back the wires you previously cut.

I suggest you to try out the lamp ;) during this step.

Step 5: Make the Wire Black

The electric wire of the JANSJÖ was white, and so it is the switch.
We put some black sheath on it and changed the switch with a black one.

The last step was to place mic on the stand.


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