A Follow Me Robot With Simple Circuit





Introduction: A Follow Me Robot With Simple Circuit

Its a very simple and easy to make follow me robot. It can sense the presence of object to be followed using Infra-Red ( IR ) sensor. There are one IR Led and two IR photo diode (with back IR Filter) . When the IR gets reflected from a nearby object and back to both the receivers diode, the transistor based switches power ON both the motors and the robot moves forward. If the object moves left or right then any one motor gets switched on and the robo takes turn.

Step 1: Step by Step Video Instructions to Make It

Here is the video link to make it . Video

There is no micro-controller was used. Very simple circuit. Hope you will enjoy the making.



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    Sir... Can i use regular pot instead of trimpot potentiometer?

    Sir,please help me.?
    I don't why the motors are not moving as I connected in the circuit u provided??
    Help me sir??

    Thanks for the reply sir!!!.... I hope ill make one of this project of yours....... :D

    Great work ! :D can the robot follow a person? I'm working a project of a robot following his owner and i need help with that ..

    wow this looks really fun I'm really excited to start working on it!

    can the robot follow a specific object? maybe a kind of senor will be placed on the object?

    can you plz give me a complete circuite diagram to my mail id mukeshrobot@gmail.com