My daughter came up wth a great idea that was frugal and amazing so I wanted to share it with you.  We had these simple cut flowers in a simple vase and they needed some pep!   Her frugal solution was to use the paper and ribbon from the flowers to dress up the vase.    A plain vase is sweet and pretty, but some flowers are not gorgeous in the vase and some vases are HO-HUM and sometimes you are just sick of the vase you have.  This project delivers on solving any of these problems.

Step 1: Use what you have :)

In this case, the lovely tulips came in some brown plastic wrap with gold swirls on it.  It also had a red ribbon around the box.  We held the plastic wrap against the vase to see how much of the paper needed to be folded under.  We decided to fold 1/3 of the paper down and then wrapped the paper loosely around the  vase with the folded edge at the bottom of the vase.  The unfolded edge was at the top, around the flowers. 

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