In this instructable I will show you how to make a fully 3D printable GlaDOS from Portal (1 and 2), that is also a lamp and can be converted into a robotic arm (how much cooler does it get), With a superled in the eye (this much cooler).

Go watch it immediately:

This was first intended to be an instructable on how to make a fully 3d printable GlaDOS robotic arm lamp that can also move. Due to some shortage in time and other project that I need to continue on (my SLS printer) I will share everything I have thus far that works properly. When I finally figure out how to make this thing moving without all the electronics heating up to 100°C, you will be the first to know.

Because this was first intended to be a fully functioning robot arm, some of the instructions include wiring. If you do not plan to use this as a moving arm, I have also designed parts to replace the servo's and moving parts. With this, you can skip most of the wiring and only use it as a lamp.

To make this lamp you will need a printer that is comfortable printing with a lot of support material. The design isn't supportless and is quite hard to print. I used a UP! 3D printer, that is more than capable enough printing with support material. All of the parts are designed around the maximum build sizes of the UP!.

Also you will need some skills electronics and be comfortable using power from the mains. Also you will need a LOT of time. Printing alone will set you back at least 40 hours.

A special thanks to Almteq in the Netherlands for letting me borrow first one UP!, and letting me borrow 2(!) UP!s when one couldn't get the job done fast enough with just one. Without you guys, this project wouldn't have been possible.

Okay, here's the deal. You seem to want to see this thing moving, and I seem to want to win an UP! printer of my own. This is what we are going to do. You help me win an UP! in the contest, and I will do everything in my power to make this thing move as soon as possible. The deadline for the contest is too soon for me to do it before the contest, so make me win, and I will make this thing move.

Step 1: Updates and Q&A


Lets start by thanking everyone for helping me win the UP! contest. I won... can you believe it. Without your support this would not have been possible.

As promised I have released all of the source files. You can find them on my thingiverse page. If someone wants the schematics and the firmware, I can upload them, but the program is really simple. It measures the potmeters, remaps the values to servo angles and transmits those angles to the servo's.

Now for the sad part. I have completed this project. I will no longer be working on this project. This is where you guys come in. My electronics and programming skills are limited. I have heard you guys talk of some amazing ideas, and I really want to see some of them working. So go modify the parts to your needs, print and make this GlaDOS even more awesome than it already is. Amaze me.

Dragonator out.

end of edit

After all of the interest, I have devoted a page of my instructable for personal updates, comments and answers for some questions.

First things first, Where you can and can't expect me. I am not on reddit, tumblr, twitter, google plus or any other social media. Places where you will find me is here (instructables), thingiverse (also as dragonator) and on youtube (as ytecinventions). Right now, I will not use any other medium to publish or comment on.

Expect some parts to be slightly modified. I am continuing to find small problems is some parts (mainly the base). I have already replaced the base drive train (mostly gears) over four times before I got to a solution that could handle the raw strength.

For everyone that is speculating whatever is wrong with the electronics. I already knew what the problem was way before I posted this. I tried containing everything in the base. There only was a 12V line in the base. I used a 7805 to create the 5V from the 12V. This part dissipates every volt that is above 5V, all the way up to 1A. I slightly underestimated the current that some servo's could draw. The 7805 is the part that heats up to dangerous temperatures in no time at all. For any of you concerned that there are some serious problems, there are not. I am already busy working with (not just on) the solution.

Those of you that wanted all of the electronics to fit in the base, I've got some good news and some bad news. Bad news, I'm postponing any attempts indefinitely. Good news is, I've got a much better solution. By placing the electronics outside of the base, I created a lot more room for them.

Thing I will and won't do:
- I will make this thing move;
- I will make this thing controllable by the controller that you have seen in the final thoughts;
- I might do a tracking system at some point, purely out of curiosity, but such things take tons of time, and I do not have any idea yet how to do it. The idea interests me, but doing it seems like a TON of work;
- I will NOT make her talk, The last thing I want her to do is make fat jokes.

Q & A

Why isn't there a video?
There is a video in the page above dummy, Go watch it right now.

Is there going to be a video if you do not win?
See the question above.

Is this thing for sale?
No it isn't. Also I can't be commissioned to make one, I am way too busy as it is. I might be persuaded to make and sell garage kits if I win, but for that I will need an UP! of my own.

Can I (and with that I mean you guys) post this on shapeways?
Yes. As long as you credit to the original source, you can. I was trying to convert these to a size that would be reasonable for shapeways, but I don't have the time for it.

Will you post the source files?
It's the end of the UP! contest and the closure of the lamps and lighting contest, so there is no reason to hold on to these files any longer. I have put them on my thingiverse page. Happy tinkering.

Why don't you just use a fan to cool the electronics?
Two reasons, One: There simply isn't enough room in the base. Two: Electronics heating up that dramatically is usually a sign of things being wrong.

(PS. to everyone that showed me that glados look like a bound, upside down woman... Thanks for that image, I now have a bound woman on my ceiling. Just great)
Idea for you, take a kinect (not sure if that's the right spelling) and chop it up, put the cameras in Glados' eye, wire it up to a raspberry pi/adruino, and youre golden for face tracking. You could wire in speakers as well, throw some facial recognation software in there, and make her recognize and talk to people.
<p>Working on it...</p><p>LOL great idea, thanks.</p><p>Will post when finished.</p>
<p>After more than one month of work, i finally finish it ! verry awesome modeling Op :) i've done it with some lights modification and i've use PLA material, the bargraph change depending on the temperature.</p><p>I'm here if you have any question</p>
<p>The additions you made look awesome, would you mind sharing how you made the bargraph change depending on the temperature?</p>
<p>About to make one of these. May I contact you about your experience of building it? Greets from Amsterdam / The Netherlands. Remko van Dokkum.</p>
<p>I am building this for a project and my teacher is worried that if we print it that it won't support itself because of the base problems. The version I'm making only follows motion, and is built out of the stationary one to avoid printing extra parts. Is the base strong enough to support GLaDOS and a motor? Also what are your printer settings?</p>
<p>What are the dimensions of this?</p>
<p>somting like 40cm high</p>
<p>ever think about connecting this to a Adriano and per-programming it maybe adding a data base of per-loaded statements and and maybe connect it with sp,e thing like sirius </p><p><a href="http://sirius.clarity-lab.org/" rel="nofollow">http://sirius.clarity-lab.org/</a></p>
Hey, are the blueprints still up? I went on your thingniverse and couldn't find it...
<p>Relocated to Ytec3d.com. They are still available for download.</p>
<p>for the edits can we have the new gear parts and things so it works too?</p>
<p>Very nice, looks great!</p>
<p>About to make one of these. May I contact you about your experience of building it? Greets from Amsterdam / The Netherlands. Remko van Dokkum.</p>
What is the size of this thing? Width height depht. Weight? Are you located in the Netherlands? Can we visit you and see the arm ourselfs? Greets from Amsterdam.
Want core space want space core
<p>that is so awesome - but incomplete instrcitions. What are the dimnesions?</p>
<p>can I buy one off some one </p><p>Please I need this</p>
<p>What are the dimensions of this?</p>
<p>What are the dimensions of this?</p>
<p>OMG!!! It's beautiful I want to build one.. Congrats this is amazing</p>
<p>This is an amazing project, if you look up Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun and merge the tracking program with your Instructable, it would really cool.</p>
<p>I agree</p>
<p>wow, is this for real.?!!?</p>
I was wondering if anyone had a ballpark figure of how much the build is gonna cost? I haven't seen it anywhere and I'm really interested in this build
<p>filament ~ 70&euro; up to 150&euro;, depending on which brand you use. electronics, naaah, max, 30&euro; if you get it from china</p>
+ printer cos
<p>Would anybody be interested in PCBs for this if I made some?</p>
<p>I need this in my house....</p>
yes me, i will start talking like singing ai soon!
<p>from where i can get that 3D printer which you have used???</p>
he/she used a borrowed printer!
<p>I would love to make this but don't have access to a printer. Can someone help?</p>
<p>Would this work in a makerbot?</p>
<p>Found Arduino, is it possible that you could go a bit further into depth on how the controller is set up?</p>
Where i vote for this?
<p>This instructable was posted Mar 20, 2013 so I think voying has long past.</p>
I'm really sorry, it looks really nice. Did you optimized it (the temperature)? I want to copy it and try to integrate with some distance sensors.
<p>dude ,your rich and don't even realize it! this is so needed for senor home care,and that it can hook to existing fixtures wall or ceiling, and the agility of the camera mount gimble ,beets any stationary mount system that it rotates from center and peeks around objects via your gimble controls ,patent this quick ,before it stolen by some one and patent before you ! even search and rescue ,robots need this peeking function, military, swat ,recovery agents ect... but senor in home care ,allows unsupervised home care, operator monitors multiparty video feeds, and alerts police ect of a downed client EMS family ,ability to unlock doors when help arrives ect.</p><p>ps add a motion activate would make this even better </p><p>ps. love to hear your out come in the future ?</p>
<p>It would be nice to see a video of how it moves. Really nice work!</p>
<p>This is a thing of beauty</p>
<p>Hi, Great project! That page no longer exits on thingiverse. Has it moved?</p>
<p>Epic! One of the coolest projects I've ever seen :)</p>
<p>It looks like a Circular Saw! I think that would be a great Theft Deterrent! Part of a Security System?</p>
*sigh* I really wish I had the time and money to make this... Guess I'll just bookmark the page and come back to it when I do have the time and money.
<p>What do I hook all the servos to?</p>
<p>I also have an UP!, what settings do you recommend to remove support material?</p>
<p>Depends on the material. For ABS, anything will work. For PLA, the only advise I can give is either use UP! software 1.15 or 2.11. Anything in between sucks with PLA and support. 2.11 seems to be better, but I have to do more prints to confirm. </p>
<p>Hello. Give me please: circuit board and Arduino sketch.</p>

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